Amin Payne X Ben Bada Boom - Collision

Track listing

2.Uturn Meon 
3.Moon To Mars 
4.Coast 2 Coast 
6.A Long Time feat. Hannah [Alta] 
7.LayLow feat. Silent Jay 
8.Sunset On Saturn 
9.Lucid Dreams

The French Touch Connection - Mysterious Lane (Face B)

Track listing

1.Mani Deïz - YV Canis Majoris 
2.Gadget - The Walkers 
3.Fred Yaddaden - Dead Boy's Hands 
4.Oldy Clap Recordz feat Dj Skandal - Where Is My Jazz Band 
5.Hugo Kant - Haydn Connection 
6.Rakma - Ambulation 
7.I.N.C.H ( Sick Digger Recordz ) - Sale Journée 
8.CloZee - Reincarnation 
9.Frenic - Wrath Of Gabriel 
10.Jesse James - Wisdom 
11.Medl4 - El Brujo 
12.Apanemic - Une Histoire Diabolique 
13.Kognitif - The Gates Of Hell 
14.Goomar - Bloody Zalla 
15.Auditive Escape - Tenuo Borders 
16.Denshu Kozo - LSTNSPCWSTRN 
17.Milka - WhenU 
18.Alex Tlk - Look At Me 

The French Touch Connection - Mysterious Lane (Face A)

Track listing

1.G.Bonson - Never 
2.Metronom - Glass Box 
3.Dee La Kream - Dreams Killah 
4.Ortega - Natural 
5.Kill Emil - Sweet Hug 
6.Supafuh feat Quiet Dawn - Breathe The Karma 
7.Flev - Evil Beat 
8.SmokedBeat - Appât De Velours 
9.ProleteR - Red Soap 
10.Centz - Memory Box 
11.Mazette & Eikonoklast - The Showdown 
12.Le MELODiST - Rouge Flow 
13.Neemah - Manichaeism 
14.Doctor Flake - Not This Time 
15.Le Parasite feat Dj Djo - Faust ( instrumentale ) 
16.Dj Shogun - I'll Technique 
17.Billa Qause - Jusqu'ici Tout Va Bien 
18.Mr Moods feat Darkside - In A Dark Mood 


The Jazz Jousters - Autumn

Track listing

1.Combine Vibes - Okey Dokey O.P 
2.Scaley WaleZ - Robbin Nests (You Down Wit OP) 
3.SmokedBeat & Mr. Moods - Oscar and Friends 
4.Es-K - TLC (Jazzchopt) 
5.Gadget - The Wild Thing 
6.Bones The Beat Head - The Midas Touch 
7.Jazz Kat - Ode To Oscar 
8.RickMal - Sweet Keys 
9.Stay Classy - Alright 
10.Pawcut - Maverick 
11.SmokedBeat - Montreal by Jazz 

U Call That Love - Sounds Across the Globe

Track listing

1.The Boomjacks - Pilvet 
2.Nix - Encore feat. Percee P 
3.Customary - Still Yours 
4.Pawcut - Walk on by 
5.Souls Rest - Small Triumph 
6.Maverick - The Rise and the Fall 
7.Concept - With You 
8.The Audible Doctor - Get 'Em feat. Guilty Simpson 
9.maticulous - Wind feat. Black Sun & Hubbs 
10.King I Divine - SSS (Scattered Sun Showers) 
11.Moods - Mr. Clean 
12.Pseudo Slang - Till It Ends (prod. Rawhead) 
13.Exact Change Project - Keep It Jazzy 
14.P.R - Next Destination 
15.Piece Of Mind - Rhyme Training feat. Abdominal (Remix) 
16.Arcka - Just Another Day 
17.Kool Keith - Stuck In The Past (prod. Keith Science) 
18.olywok - Don't Matter 
19.Parallel Thought - Mad iLL 
20.DJ Czarny & Tas - Too Close 
21.Praverb the Wyse - The Social Network feat. DJ Grazzhoppa 
22.foka - Knew You Was Fake 
23.Jaze Baqti - Escape 

P.SUS - Still Music

Track listing

3.Point Park 
4.The View 

Öster - Senzala

Track listing

3.Capoeira on the Roof 
4.Jam Rio Quai 
6.La Porteuse d'Ö 
7.Pès na Area 

Haan-808 - Collaborationz From Marz

Track listing

1.Persian Persuasion .W/ Amin PaYnE 
2.Anti Babylon .W/ NegroSaki 
3.Lazy Sundayz .W/ SickDrumz 
4.All I Want .W/ El.Train 
5.Forever .W/ Haz Beats 
6.Gully .W/ Kay_Dub_NZ 
7.Magnetic .W/ HeapRize 
8.Power House .W/ Gasp Beats 
9.Time Travel .W/ Kay_Dub_NZ 
10.Lucky Nature .W/ Samuel Truth 
11.Skelter .W/ Tony Douglas 

Beatsound - VOL​.​1

Track listing

1.Long street, Cold rain, Frozen heart 
2.Fxxking Chaos 
4.All or nothing 
5.Hope.(Because I know who I am). New edit 
9.Close your eyes 
11.New year wishes 
13.Silent will stay with me 
16.Just love the world that won't love you back 

illsugi - OSAKI BEATS

Track listing

3.Disco Radio 
6.Wintry sky 
8.interlude feat BDR 
11.The way you Do it remix feat tajima hal 

Pragmatic Theory - Horizons

Track listing

1.B. Lewis - So Close 
2.Opal Block - An Ode To Jon 
3.Dead Horse Beats - Mosquitoes 
4.Fresh Kils - Price Is Right 
5.Chief - La Vie 
6.Prozak Morris - Phuk Phace 
7.BoomBaptist - 8-Bit Try 
8.Ta-ku - #OK 
9.ILLingsworth - Gouty Lips Seq. 
10.Sir Froderick - Lovemuscle 
11.Ackryte - Holly 
12.Weirddough - Submotion Orchestra Perfection Flip 
13.Dailon - Back2Feeln 
14.Blap Deli - Farming, w/ Courtney Harkins 
15.Amin Payne x BlakeSmith - Talk About It 
16.S.F.T - Found You (At Last) 
17.Twit One - Goodtimes 
18.Wun Two - Shnee 
19.Bugseed - Stansmood 
20.Jewbei - I Wanna Rock Your Body (To The Break Of Dawn) 
21.Question - Easy 
22.Robot Orchestra - Soulstice 
23.Miles Bonny - Super Yum Yums 04 of 43 
24.Rhythum - for the love 
25.Keor Meteor - SP66 Mr Gold Car 
26.Psymun - Your Girl And Her Pineapple 
27.Es-K x Six Fingerz - Wavy Onez 
28.Snubluck - More Than You Thought Remix 
29.Abnormal - Zen-La 
30.Ben Bada Boom - Turn Me Up 
31.Constrobuz - Sun Rider 
32.Brock Berrigan - Thursday 
33.Melodiesinfonie - Vasudeva 
34.Handbook - Make Amends 
35.Knowsum - Futanari Love 
36.DJ Sapien - Modulation 
37.Sixfingerz - DuskTone 
38.ShainCaw - Girl Lets Go 
39.Haan808 - Past TimeLines 


Payozo - Payozo Instrumental Vol. 2

Sicknessmp - Hill Of Cannabiz

Track listing

1.Hill Of Cannabiz - #1
2.Hill Of Cannabiz - #2 
3.Hill Of Cannabiz - #3 
4.Hill Of Cannabiz - #4 
5.Hill Of Cannabiz - #5 
6.Hill Of Cannabiz - #6 
7.Hill Of Cannabiz - #7 
8.Hill Of Cannabiz - #8 


J Scienide - Full Circle feat. Kev Brown (prod. by Early Reed)


EN Tokyo - One

Track listing

1.Pigeondust - Introduction (Shit) 
2.Salty - Elephant Walk 
3.EeMu - Ayahuasca 
4.Pigeondust - All Along 
5.Bugseed - she knew how to use what she had 
6.EeMu - SUNKAK 
7.Bugseed - for chris gage 
8.Pigeondust - Living Room 
9.Salty - Interporation 
10.Bugseed - dreams of tomorrow 
11.Pigeondust - Num

Bugseed - Old Seeds

Track listing

2.dance on the concrete 
5.raw life 
6.i heard that 
10.true piano jack 
12.horn works 
15.body and soul 
17.beautiful spring 
18.piano roll

The Jazz Jousters - Calculation

Track listing

1.FloFilz - Nomind 
2.Slim The Chemist - Power of Music 
3.Stay Classy - Puttin' It Together 
4.SmokedBeat - Cal M 
5.Oldy Clap Recordz - Call Me 
6.Jazz Kat - Autumn Sky 
7.Gadget - Garden of Tjader 
8.Bones The Beat Head - Deep Thoughts 
9.Pawcut - Reference 
10.RickMal - Djaded 
11.Oldy Clap Recordz - Next Time 
12.Mr. Moods - Vibrate At Rhythms 
13.Scaley WaleZ - La Brisa De La Isla

Warren Xclnce - Nymphophonic LP

Track listing

1.Intro (1990) 
2.Examine Me (Ft. Etta Bond) 
4.The Conscience (Ft. Ego Ella May) 
6.Once Again (Ft. Kae & Handbook) 
7.Blueberrys & Cheese 
8.uhuheuh (skit) 
9.Say Goodbye (Vampire Story) (Ft. Jordan James & Pheenix) 
10.Purple Planets (Ft. IAMNOBODI) 
11.Dream (Ft. Richie Saps) 
14.Outro (The Resolution) 

Mr. Moods - Self conscious fear

Track listing

1.Levels of magnifications 
2.Chinese ascension 
3.Angel in the wind 
4.Mr. Moods and Dj Racy Aj - Death wish 
5.Mr. Moods and Emily Jane Carmen - In the trees (feat Robert Waddington) 
6.Save me from this place 
7.Lr-60 & Mr. Moods - Changeling 
8.Mr. Moods and Dj Racy AJ - Time perception 
9.Murder is a crime 
12.Trick or treat 
13.Hip hop era

Sean-Toure' - The Sean​-​Toure' Remix Video Project, Volume 2

Track listing

1.Nas "Nas Is Like" RMX 
2.Dr. Dre "Still D.R.E. ft. Snoop Dogg RMX 
3.Michael Jackson "Rock With You" RMX 
4.Substantial "See Hear" RMX 
5.Jill Scott "Golden" RMX 
6.Common "The 6th Sense" ft. Bilal RMX 
7.Sean-Toure' "In the Heat of the Night" ft. yU of Diamond District, RMX 
8.Floetry "It's Getting Late" RMX 
9.E Major "Nuthin Nice" ft. Hezekiah, RMX 
10.Pete Rock and CL Smooth, T.R.OY. (They Reminisce Over You) RMX 
11.Flying Lotus "Until the Quiet Comes" RMX 
12.**Bonus Track** Wordsmith "Essence of Life" RMX