Elyon Beats - Dear Seba Jun

Track listing

1.Like the Wind 
3.My Childhood 
4.Returning Home 
5.Let Me Know (feat. Jas Mace, Jay v, Big Zo, Max Ray) 
6.Contacting Heaven 
7.Passed Away (feat. Sir-Veillance) 
8.The Bad Guy (feat. Jas Mace) 
9.Silent Night 


Niha - I'm in Water

Antoneus Maximus - Blood,Sweat,&Tears (ft. APL DE AP of Black Eyed Peas)

Formo Sir ft. Raatid One - Sunny Vibe

Otokaze(ZDW!?) - Otokaze

Track listing

1.Otokaze - Intro. 
2.Otokaze - Sakura Memory Pt2-夜桜- 
3.Otokaze - 雨道-insturmental- 
4.Otokaze - 夏恋 
5.Otokaze - 和夏-waka- 
6.Otokaze - 彩月-Saigetsu 2012- 
7.Otokaze - Memory of December 
8.Otokaze - Snow Campus 
9.Otokaze - Kamakura Night-insturmental- 


Sphinx - Sincerity

Mr. J. Medeiros - The Rockies

Avens - You

Avens will drop his free EP in Blue Bottle Record.....stay tuned!


Various Artists – Mellow Girl

Track listing

2.Ruth Cho- Eternal Romance
3.Jun Futamata-Sign (iTunes)
4.Lacedoll-Wherever You Go
5.Mariko Awada-Sunday Morning(iTunes)
6.Emi Hinouchi-Blue Magic(iTunes)
7.Acharu-Touch the sky(iTunes)
8.钟晓京-Love, Whiskey
9.Shanti-真夏の果実 -Summer Blue-(iTunes)
10.Rina-I’m The One
11.Melodia-爱爱爱(Original Khalil Fong)
12.HanaH-Cheek To Cheek(iTunes)
13.Anan Ryoko-春の雪(iTunes)

download link ( 115 / mediafire )

big up my bro Nuj from Mellowluv

Dr. MaD - The Voice

Dr. MaD - Do Doctors Get Sick?

Track list

1.Child's Smile (madmx) [Lou Piensa] 
3.Purple (madmx) [Jonathan Emile] 
4.Off The Top [Aphyliated & Hakeem] 
5.1ceAgain (madmx) [ATCQ]
6.LifePurple (madmx) [Jonathan Emile]
8.Forever.ever (madmx) [Jonathan Emile] 
10.Child's Smile (madmx) [Instrumental] 
11.Off The Top [Instrumental]


Glad2Mecha - Jazzmaster

Joseph Average - Positive Vibrations

Track list

2.3 Months 
3.Sick Day 
4.Good Ass Rhyme 
5.Grindin' My Gears 
6.Doin' My Thing 
7.With a Smile 
8.One Foot Forward 

special thx to 101Licious !!!!
follow his youtube channel


Lady Citizen - Flower bunch

Flower bunch - Conrank ( Lady Citizen Remix )

not hip hop. but great tune!!! check this!

Hydroponikz - Grown

Track list

2.The Movement
3.The Blues (feat. Jay Legaspi)
5.Ain't I
6.What You Want
7.All Along
8.Killing Me (feat. M.U.G. SHOT)
10.When I Stop
11.Black or White (feat. Jink 5)
12.The Job (feat. ILL Poe)
13.Never Lose
14.Call My Name (feat. Anika Hazel)
15.Grown (Kitchen Dip Bonus Track)

More(Prod. Incise)


Bugseed – In Bloom

more info(The Find Magazine)

Marcus D - One People ft. Shing02

Marcus D - Night on the Town ft. Cise Star, Substantial & Funky DL

Otokaze - 雨道


Landon Wordswell ft. C-Villain - Reservoir Dogs (Prod. by 1800)

his EP is coming later this year! 

K. Sparks Official Documentary 2012

one of my fav rapper K.Sparks!

A documentary exploring Recording Artist K. Sparks alongside his Double Up Entertainment Record Label based in Queens, NY. 
Official Website: http://www.kdotsparks.com

Directed by: Aron Randhawa


NAK x Elyon Beats - Ashes, Ashes

Ruto - On My Way Home

happy birthday to Ruto!


Phunk B - Iluzie (Prod. Heffe)

BioLogic - Lucid Dreams

Track list

2.HipHop Head Count 
4.Level Headed 
5.Beautiful Night Ft. Doug Acker
6.Lucid Dreams 
7.Peace Ft. AMPhibian 
8.Up 'N Down 
9.It's All Attitude 
10.The Life 
11.'Round Midnight Ft. Megz 


Stephen Onprachanh & Rythmatical

Track list

1.Dream Killer 
2.kito ma dude 
4.Dead Yeti 
5.Different Phases 
6.As We Reminisce


Track list

01. Thomas Prime feat. Jas Mace, Nieve & Nicholas Wonder - All We Got Is Us (over heRajiKa tracks - Love Universal)
02. Kno feat. Deacon - Spread Your Wings (over Marcus D - Mind's End)
03. The 49ers feat. Nieve - Endless Rhymes II (over Elyon Beats - Winter Dance)
04. Pete Rock & INI - Fakin Jax (over P.R - There For You)
05. One Be Lo - The Ant (i matter) (over Funky DL - Effortless)
06. Murs - Yesterday and Tomorrow (over Eddie - Messed Up World)
07. Edo G & Masta Ace - Wishin (over Kero One - Space Cadets)
08. Pete Rock & CL Smooth - Appreciate (over SoulChef - Imagination)
09. J-Live - Like This Anna (over Blazo - The Influence)
10. Apani B Fly Emcee - Strive (over Nomak - Heartistically)
11. Large Pro - In The Ghetto (over Funky DL - You Really Love That)
12. CunninLynguists feat. Tonedeff - The Gates (over Blazo - In Due Time)
13. Mobb Deep - Survival of The Fittest (over Thomas Prime & Avens - Forgiveness)
14. Cise Star - Greater Purpose (over Sabzi - Dawn)
15. Shing02 - Luv (sic) part 5 (over Blazo - Essential Violet)
16. Funky DL - Don't Hold Ya Breath (over Blazo - Metamorphosis)
17. Large Pro, Pete Rock & Masta Ace - OutDaBox (over Kenichiro Nishihara - Folklove)
18. Camp Lo - Ticket For 2 (over LEMS - Siki)
19. De La Soul - Trouble In The Water (over SoulChef - California)
20. Macy Gray feat. Mos Def & Guru - I've Committed Murder (over Incise - Kick It Back)
21. Mad Skillz - The Nod Factor (Kkaytoh - Tribal Colors)
22. Pep Love - Soundclash (over Incise - Drift Away)


Trace Blam - Separate ft Tha Kid, Chaundon, Skyzoo

Elyon Beats x Jonathan Bolosan - My Childhood


The Smiling Strangers - Where the Stars Do Not Fall

Track list

1.Where Something Is Gone Wrong 
2.We Need Only Of Dignity, Not Repression 
3.Alice In The Shadow 

Rashid Hadee - Leakage The PrEp

Track list

1.The Dreamer 
2.Neighborhood Thang 
3.All Over Again 
4.Broken Heart (Prod. by DJ PHD) 
5.Night Train feat The Primeridian 

Mind Trip - ON THE WAY

Elyon Beats - A Week With Elyonbeats

Track list

1.Thursday - Waiting For You 
2.Friday - Mellow Evening 
3.Saturday - Afternoon With Bossa 
4.Sunday - Ordinary Afternoon 
5.Monday - Little Light 
6.Tuesday - Heads or Tails 
7.Wednesday - My Day

Elyon Beats - Life in California


VA - Refreshment Session

Track list

1.Soulstice - Better Days 
2.Mike Onassis bka Soopa - Put It In Ya Backpack 
3.Cans - Can't Say I Didn't Care 
4.HG Union - Always High
5.Tasherre D'Enajetic - Grateful 
6.Vibe Hott - Glamorous 
7.Ardamus - The Dig 
8.R.A.G.Z. - Ghettoscope 
9.Pigtaktix - Pump Your Brakes (ft Jamila) 
10.Midie - So Smooth (ft Biznuss) 
11.Malik Stone - The Hook Up 
12.Mike Onassis bka Soopa - Warm Nights (RelaxationTechnique) 
13.Skull Fonts - Tite Wit It 
14.Krownprence - New Shine 
15.Granddad Woolly - Gabriella
16.Oscah - Looking Back 


Funky DL - Nights in Nippon Jazzstrumentals

Track list

1.Takings of Tokyo 
2.Hamamatsu Timeless 
3.Yokohama Waves
4.Kamakura Carnival 
5.Fukuoka Flügel 
6.Sapporo Summer
7.Utsunomiya Excitement 
8.Osaka Chill Time 
9.Nectars of Nagoya
10.Wisdom of Kyoto

Mizukage Records Compilation vol.07

Great tune!!!! u guys must check this!!! not jazz hip hop..

Track list

1.Tomoya Naka - Berceau 
2.I am Robot and Proud + Shintaro Aoki - two pianos 
3.Arizono Kazuhiro - Bisbiglio 
4.Georg Hekt - Ascending Outbursts 
5.Maps and Diagrams - colourslide 
6.D-Fried - eterna 
7.chie fukami - daydream 
8.Climnoizer - Bubinga 
9.nq - As Kingdoms Fall 
10.Seventh Gnosis - All Across This Land 
11.Plastik Joy - aftermath 日本語歌詞 (Japanese lyrics) イメージ画像 (Jacket)
12.Auraboris - Magnetic Canopy (TOMO: hurdy gurdy, waterphone / Cal Lyall: tabletop guitar)
13.Tim Koch - parallarap 
14.Vector 2 U - D-U 
15.Arctic Sunrise - Chi-Ee-I-Su (The Chase)
16.Allison Chanic and Shintaro Aoki - Kami no michi 
17.Mnemonic45 - E.mic 
18.Pleq & Aki Tomita - One Night In Tokyo 
19.Lilyqmay - garden 
20.fraqsea and Shintaro Aoki - Hito Hira 
21.Shintaro Aoki - Inochi no Uta (Vocalo San Demodemo Mix) 

Words by Chitera Ootake (Vegan Love Life)
Vocal by Miku chan (Humanoid Vocal)


P.R - Introspection

Track list

1.Moon Mother 
3.Lost Then Found 
4.Coming Home (Feat. Carla Waye)
5.There for you 
6.Sunchild (Feat. Substantial & Funky DL)

Nefarious! - The Dream Theory

Track list

1.A Way With You 
2.Her Melody 
4.The Dreamer 
5.Tolerance Break 
6.Oceans (Wavy) 
7.Lovely You 

Download link (Direct)

for $5 you get 3 bonus joints for a total of 10 tracks!

Slik D - Spring Cleaning

Track list

1.Far Out
2.Smoke & Drive (Feat.Tradevoorhees)
3.Spring Clean
4.Unity In the U.S.A. (Feat.HawdWerk)
5.Work Hardly Working

Praverb the Wyse - Professional Hobbyist

Track list

1.My Journey 
2.Professional Hobbyist 
3.Blue Collar (feat. Don Streat) 
4.Everlasting Struggle
5.For My People
6.The Critic 
7.Nothing to Gain 
8.I Pray (Fall To My Knees) 
9.That's How It Is (feat. Don Streat) 
10.November 11th 
11.The Critic (Smimooz Remix) 
12.My Journey (Instrumental) 
13.Professional Hobbyist (Instrumental) 
14.Blue Collar (Instrumental) 
15.Everlasting Struggle (Instrumental) 
16.For My People (Instrumental) 
17.The Critic (Instrumental) 
18.Nothing to Gain (Instrumental) 
19.I Pray (Instrumental)
20.That's How It Is (Instrumental) 
21.November 11th (Instrumental)

Niazura - Magical Journey

Track list

1.Slow Keys (Intro) 
2.Souviens Toi 
3.New Way of Life 
4.Find Yourself 
5.Halfway (interlude) 
6.Beyond Good And Evil 
7.Better Days 
8.Sad Ending 
9.Never Give Up 
10.Because It's Never Too Late (outro)


Formo Sir - Be Yourself(做自己) Prod. by Raatid One

Produced by: Raatid One
Lyric/Rap by: Formo Sir
Photo edited by: Brian Tseng


Produced by: Raatid One
Lyric/Rap by: Formo Sir
Photo edited by: Brian Tseng


有些時候...討厭你的人 話會講很多, 不用跟他們爭什麼.. 我們先做再說
對不對?做自己就好了, 跟他們廢話那麼多幹麻.....Hip Hop Won't Stop!!


這是一種亂象 詞義畫面都太像 
我好客 love God 敞開心防 我說拜請 
我不好鬥 所以沒有手下敗將 
I'm steady穩重得就好比是隻大象
haters just gonna hate, 也許是場誤會
that's bullshit, talk shit的人嘴巴怎麼可能沒有屎味?
I keep my eyes low 低得絕對不是智慧 卻不是滋味
好的音樂 好的訊息 猶如一臺好的音響
はじめまして 總是留下好印象
不間斷地精進 不間斷地學習 不間斷地繼續 
就算永不崛起 至少努力過 這方面從不缺席
離夢想的距離很近 只要你不說出放棄 
never give up, keep your head up, 做自己別害臊


I speak out the truth, 我們都有的感觸
你在舞台裝酷, 我風格依然清廉, 木訥在背景當樹
感謝我家人的支持 還有 homies, J.O.的幫助
so why you hate me now? 你講話變得越來越大聲
對你這種人我講話其實也不必講得太深 還嫌我太真
沒有內涵的對白 Fuck it, 就暫時放生 
別在裝膜作樣 你黃腔濫調 有錢就能當橫行霸道的官將
人因夢想而偉大 多少次我們被噩夢嚇得不敢再奢望 
奢侈的願望 出淤泥而不染 我們都一樣 
學習著成長 但誰賞? 
請別忘了最初的初衷 回想當年我還在初中的時候