Audimatic - Closer

HitYaWitThat - Boom Music

Chuuwee - Bikini Bottom (Sponge Bob) (prod by Cookin Soul)

Download Link (hulkshare)

Nicholas Cheung - Nujabes Tribute 3 [TEASER]

B - s i d e X S u n d a y M o r n i n g - V a l e n t i n e s H e a t m a k e r z '


Track listing

2.Light Cycles 
3.Back To The Source ( with Professa ) 
4.If We Love 
5.Regret (with Sleeping Violent) 

DJ P - You Must Learn (B Side)

Koncept - Malt Disney

Track listing

1.Oh Baby feat Akie Bermiss (prod by Deejay Element)
2.40 oz Spliffs (prod by Deejay Element)
3.Space Mountain feat Tanya Morgan (prod by Deejay Element)
4.Open Tab feat Akie Bermiss (prod by Deejay Element)
5.Malt Disney (prod by Deejay Element)
6.Give It Up feat REKS (prod by Deejay Element) 

Download Link (audiomack)


Aosaki - 残念​(​tribute to nujabes)

Track listing

1.残念(tribute to nujabes) 
2.slice practice 
3.Shysokiss - Toward the dream 

Funky DL - Ode To Nujabes DJ Satoshi Tanaka Remixes

Track listing

1.Ode To Nujabes (Satoshi's Sky is Falling Lounge Remix) 
2.Ode To Nujabes (Satoshi's Slow Down Lounge Remix) 
3.Ode To Nujabes (Satoshi's Luv Sic Pt II Lounge Remix) 
4.Ode To Nujabes (Satoshi's Sky is Falling Lounge Remix Instrumental) 
5.Ode To Nujabes (Satoshi's Slow Down Lounge Remix Instrumental) 
6.Ode To Nujabes (Satoshi's Luv Sic Pt II Lounge Remix Instrumental)

Pete Rock & Cl Smooth - Ghettos Of The Mind (Mr.Troy Remix)

Mndsgn - bed

Track listing

2.try this peppermint soap 
4.on (paralysis) 
6.look at your face


The Paramedics x Handbook - Medicinal Sounds

Track listing

1.Separate (Intro) 
2.Carry On Carrying On 
4.Heavy Arsenal 
6.The Message 

BioLogic - Four Left Turns

Track listing

1.Soar ft. Supreme Sol 
2.Wonderful Days ft. Mez & Sam Wegman 
3.Broken Record ft. Iconic 
4.All Dressed Up 
5.Roll of the Dice 
6.Starin' at the Stars 
7.D.R.E.A.M ft. AMPhibian 
8.Black Swan ft. Baskiat 

Kameleon Beats - Strangers Forever


Keith Price - Bunch Of Fives, Vol 5

Track listing

1.Call Electric (Welcome Back) 
2.Love Three (No Crowd) 
4.Seller's Market (Done Deal) 
5.Unkind (How Bad?) 
7.No Champion 
8.Tubing (Squeeze) 
9.Doin' Killaman (Redhead) 
10.Rise and Shine (Alpha Brain) 
11.What It Means 
12.Who's the Douchebag? Ft. Tairy Hesticles 
13.Why Ask? (Think It Through) 
14.Memory Jog (What?) 
15.Juice (Goodbye Drink) 

Esbe - Cosmic Dream

Wax Mantic - Late

DāM-FunK - Saturday Morning Groove

JayLotus - Love Advocate

Track listing

1.Baby Steps 
2.R e f i n e d 
3.Love Advocate 
4.Burial - UK (JayLotus Remix) 
5.Bill Evans - Tenderly (JayLotus Remix)

LHA - We are all

Track listing

1.Rise Up (Estraziq Remix) 
2.Touchin' the Sky 
3.LHA(Leehahn & Adikkal), Semantic, Billy Kid - We Are All... 
4.New World (Scary'p remix) 


Formo Sir - Music Talk

Track listing

1.Sunny Vibe 
2.愛走味 (feat. J.Sheon) 
3.做自己(Be Yourself) 
5.Music Talk (feat. The 49ers) 

Lomovolokno - Pshn

Nowik - Remiksuje.

Track listing

1.Peja - Szacunek ludzi ulicy (Nowik remix) 
2.Pih - Ulice bez jutra (Nowik remix) 
3.Jot - Uśmiechy i łzy (Nowik remix) 
4.Ortega Cartel - Retrospekcje (Nowik remix) 
5.Solar/Białas - Studenciaku/uliczniku (Nowik remix) 
6.Małpa - Miałem to rzucić (Nowik remix) 
7.Jot - Skille (Nowik remix) 
8.834 - Efekt motyla (Nowik remix) 
9.DMTR - Szare dni (Nowik remix) 
10.Ortega Cartel - Szare pudło (Nowik remix) 
11.Joterpe/Nowik - Na tych bitach (Nowik remix) 

Sinoptic International - Pure Dopeness vol​.​2

Track listing

1.Fidel Cutstro X Je$u$ - Turn It Up, Stop Frontin' (Cuba - Germany) 
2.Prozak Morris - 7th St Metro Center Station (Los Angeles, California) 
3.Lotuz featuring David Pawson - Testing and Temptation (Spijkenisse, The Netherlands) 
4.Pawcut - Reality Check (Germany) 
5.Hellblazer - The Blue Tape 
6.Goomar - Omokage (Paris, France) 
7.Hellblazer & Paul Hares (Balakovo, Russia) - Bird Trap 
8.RenRok - The Good, Bad & Ugly About L.A. (Los Angeles, California) 
9.Hpnotic718 - Elevated Sound (Brownsville, Brooklyn, NY) 
10.Radj (illsound records) - Hatima Tova (Montreal, Canada) 
11.Dr.Drumah - Hypnosis! (Brazil) 
12.Pawcut - Meekness (Germany) 
13.Hpnotic718 - 1996 (Brownsville, Brooklyn, NY) 
14.Bradata & VPD - Jazzy (Varna, Bulgaria) 
15.Dr.Drumah - A Essência (Brazil) 
16.Masta-Kate - Rainy Day (St. George, Utah) 
17.Radj (illsound records) - Kokoko (Montreal, Canada) 
18.RenRok - Voltron (Los Angeles, California) 

Bunty Beats & Chox [Chose] Mak - Boom Bap

Track listing

1.Sublime Innovation 
2.Say Yeah 
3.Deal With It 
4.90s Flow 
5.Love Song 
7.At Last 

Lamorak (NeckBreakerz) -Me Estoy Portando Mal Produced by J. Beat

Yosi Horikawa - Whispers From An Angel

Track listing

1.Whispers From An Angel (ft Jesse Boykins III, Anenon & Grayson Gilmour) 
3.Whispers From An Angel (ft Jesse Boykins III, Anenon & Grayson Glimour - Anenon Remix)


Gowe - Aurora (prod. Trebles and Blues)

Download link (tweetforatrack)

Manu Beats & Sceno - Nouvelle Vague

Track listing

1.Lost Highway 
5.Tell your mama (Interlude) 
11.What? (Outro) 

Otso - The day after devastation

The Hauser Project - First Date (Ft. Wade & Tyler Alexis)

Joven Dios - N-Y (MDE CLICK) (ZeroCabrera Remix)

Astone - 7 Dayz (inside)

Track listing

1.Fake Me 
2.Eyh !!! 
3.Ouh OUh 
4.Short Trip 
5.Don't Mind 
6.Around The World 
7.Love Ricochet 
9.In The Conquest Of The Dawn 
11.7dayz (nside) 

Carling Ruse - Need U


Ta-Ku - 25 Nights For Nujabes

Panacea - Ink is My Drink (The Producer's Cut)

Track listing
1.Trip of the Century 
3.Invisible Seas 
4.Everywhere is the same...  
5.Place on Earth 
6.Steel Kites 
7.Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda 
9.Reel Me In 
11.Love Hurts 
12.Work of Art 
13.These Words 
15.The Expendables 
16.Burning Bush 

BioLogic - All Dressed Up Prod. MadColour

Audimatic - Monster

The Procussions - Today feat. Shad and J Kyle Gregory

Mr.Troy - Sketches​.​.​.

Track listing 
2.You Don't Know What Peace Is 
3.Girls II 
4.If I Ever Lose This 
7.In The Stars 


The Paramedics x Handbook - Medicinal Sounds Preview (OUT 25th FEBRUARY)

Another Manhã - The Jazz Jousters Flip A Joe Sample

Track listing

1.Blue Buttonz - Joe Sample's Sample pt.1 
2.Bones The Beat Head - Sample Substitution 
3.RickMal - See Some Light 
4.Es-K - JustDatRAW 
5.Gadget - Manhã de Ausência 
6.SmokedBeat - A Manha (Si Deus Quiser) 
7.Blue Buttonz - Joe Sample's Sample pt.2 


Raheem DeVaughn - Thinkin Bout You (Remix) [Frank Ocean Cover]

Download Link(Zippyshare)

Jublet - Floating

Track listing

1.living on campus 
2.cloudy volcano 
3.gamer reality 
5.dreamy beach antics 
6.glasses burning 
7.one for otis 
8.floating land 

Tiff The Gift - Better to Give

Track listing

1.Better to Give Intro 
2.Dear You 
4.All Smiles 
5.Get Your Own Cup Interlude 
6.Staring @ Stucco 
7.Steak & Good Cheese 
8.The Epitome 
11.Fountain of Hope 
12.Many of Me 
13.Neighbors & Friends 
14.Changed Hearts 

Ninety One - Golden Years

Track listing

1.Introduction (ft. DJ Venum) 
2.Let it Go (ft. Nieve) 
3.Don't Push Me (ft. The 49ers & DJ Stick'It) 
4.Small Boy (ft. Hydroponikz) 
5.Days Like This (ft. Trace Blam) 
6.Fakin' It (ft. Awon) 
7.Loser Now (ft. Rashid Hadee & Internal Quest) 
8.Decahedron (ft. Bliss & DJ Venum) 
9.Everybody Knows (ft . The 49ers) 
10.Why I Do It (ft. Trace Blam) 
11.How Can I (ft. KasFlow & DJ Venum) 
12.Livin' Life (ft. F.M.G & Cjm's)
13.One Up (ft. Hydroponikz) 
14.Outro (ft. DJ Stick'It) 


AnMor - Dope Beats & Rhymes

Track listing

1.Food For Thought (Ft. Carla Waye) (free) 
2.When No One Cares (free) 
3.Dreamers Room (free) 
4.Choices (free) 
5.All Alone (free) 
6.Balance (Ft. Jered Sanders) (free) 
7.Nameless (free) 
8.Dead Presidents (free) 
9.In Car (Skit) (Ft. DreDay & Don) (free) 
10.S.W.M.N (Night & Day) (free) 
11.Where You Been (free) 
12.Sh!t Real (free) 
13.Still Gettin' Mine (free) 
14.This Is It, All Or Nothin' (free) 
15.Closer To My Dreams (free) 
16.Callin' Your Name (Ft. DreDay & Desiree) (free) 
17.Travellin' Man (free) 
18.Diamond + They Ready (Freestyle)

Benny Freestyles - Different Kind of High

Tiff The Gift - Dear You Prod.Kameleon Beats


!llmind - Happy B-Day J D!lla EP

Track listing 
1.Never Too Far
2.Just Bangin
4.You And I

Download Link(Dropbox)

Handbook - Two.Systems (Featuring Supreme Sol & Tay Devenny)

α·Pav - JOURNEY - To The Place We Have Never Known -

Track listing

1....Time,Person,And The Sea In That Summer 
2.I Must Forgot Something But Can't Remember It Anymore 
3.Lost Tears,Lost Smile 
4.Once We Were Young 
5.That Day,We Saw The Sunset Near The Sea 
6....Then We Start A New Voyage 
7.But We Still Remember... 
8.From Here To Somewhere 
9.You Will Be There 
10....And The Illusion In Endless Summer 

Yukibeb - LARUCHEMIX #03

Lomovolokno - At Least Never

Track listing

1.Crusted Space 
11.Pixelprincess (Architeq remix) 

Mr. Moods - That old feeling

Track listing

2.Temperature rise 
3.On dope 
4.He's the coldest man i know 
5.You did something to me 
6.The organist 
7.Meeting at the park with charlie 
8.Theological jazz 


Peanut Butter Wolf - 12hr 12/12/12 Set

Hour 1

1. Richard Dimples Fields – “If It Ain’t One Thing It’s Another
2. Brian Auger – “Beginning Again”
3. Heath Brothers – “Smiling Billy Suite”
4. Rick Wakeman – “March Of Gladiators”
5. Jeremy & The Satrys – “In The Glass Teardrops”
6. Bruce Haack – “Incantation”
7. Michael Adam Pollack – “Evening Visitors”
8. Polar Yet Tropical – “We Will Fall”
9. Billy Cobham & George Duke – “Almustafa The Beloved”
10. Lutz Rahn – “Dracula’s Kuss”
11. Barrabas – “Lady Love”
12. Omega – “With Magic Stone”

Hour 2

13. SBB – “Strategia Pulsu”
14. Reinhard Lakomy – “Das Geheime Leben”
15. Human League – “WXJL”
16. Jimmy Hendrix – “Have You Ever Been”
17. Aqua Fragile – “Cosmic Mind Affair”
18. Touch – “Waterdream”
19. Dwele – “Dime For Your Thoughts”
20. Touch – “Gethsemane 1”
21. Stereolab – “Spinal Column”
22. Sly & The Family Stone – “If It Were Left Up To Me”
23. Sly & The Family Stone – “Babies Makin’ Babies”
24. Quasimoto – “B.S.”
25. Marvin Gaye – “Heavy Love Affair”
26. Gil-Scott-Heron/Brian Jackson – “Back Home”
27. James Brown – “Bring It Up”
28. Mobb Deep – “Burn”
29. Phat Kat – “Destiny”

Hour 3

30. Yesterday’s New Quintet – “Funshine”
31. Madvillain – “Money Folder (Instrumental)”
32. Medaphor – “Now U Know (Instrumental)”
33. Peanut Butter Wolf feat. Encore – “Undercover”
34. Guilty Simpson – “Coroners music”
35. Herman Kelly & Life – “A Refreshing Love”
36. Ohio Players – “Sleep Talk”
37. Brand Nubian – “Allah & Justice”
38. Great Pride – “She’s A Lady”
39. The Beatles – “I’m So Tired”
40. Snoop Dog – “Dog Food and Drank”
41. The Moments – “Theme”
42. Wu Tang Clan – “Shaolin Brew”
43. Booty’s Rubber Band – “I’d Rather Be With You”
44. Bobby Nunn – “She’s Just A Groupie”
45. Electric Light Orchestra – “Fire on High”
46. Sister Nancy – “One, Two”
47. Scientist – “Night of the Living Dead”

Hour 4

48. TCQ – “Start it Up (Instrumental)”
49. Stevie Wonder – “Don’t Drive Drunk” Inst.
50. James Pants – “Tape Rolls”
51. Kinfunk – “Morris the Cat”
52. Irv Ski – “One Man Only”
53. Race – “Split Personality”
54. Funkadelic – “Super Stupid”
55. Ohio Players – “Love Slips Through My Fingers”
56. War – “Smile Happy”
57. Electro-Graphics – “Sloog”
58. Clint Eastwood – “Brotherman”
59. Grandmaster Flash – “Scorpio”
60. Ana Roseli – “Velhos Tempos”
61. Landscape – “From The Tea Rooms Of Mars”
62. Lord Finesse – “A Little Something For The Homiez”
63. Jungle Brothers – “Because I Got It Like That”
64. Steve Hackett – “The Toast”
65. The Click – “Tangi”
66. 14 Karat Soul – “Lover’s Fantasy”
67. Art Of Noise – “The Army Now”
68. Larry T. & The Family – “I’m Moving On”
69. Isley Brothers & Jimi Hendrix – “Testify”
70. Project Blowed – “Strength of ATU”
71. Trouble Funk – “Sping – Time”
72. Will Powers – “Smile (Dub)”
73. Throbbing Gristle – “What A Day”
74. Bobby G – “Lollipop Girl”
75. Just Tony – “You’ll Never Find Another Love Like Mine”
76. Extra T’s – “E.T. Boogie Inst”
77. The Residents – “Woman’s Weapon”
78. Ariel Pink – “She’s My Girl”
79. Cody Chesnutt – “The World Is Coming” 

Hour 5

80. Family Fodder And Friends – “Sunday Girl #1” 
81. Rick James – “Cold Blooded” 
82. Prince – “Paisley Park” 
83. Que Dee – Cash Flow 
84. Homeliss Derelix – Cash Money 
85. TCQ – “Bound To Wreck Your Body” 
86. Paul McCartney – “Temporary Secretary” 
87. Andy Bey – “Celestial Blues” 
88. Sammy A – “Try Me Out” 
89. Hiko featuring the Great Peso – “She’s Wild” 
90. Charlie – “Spacer Woman” 
91. Rated X – “Be Cool To Your Girl” 
92. Konstruktiaits – “Kalm” 
93. Bo Hansson – “The City” 
94. The Wire – “Two People In The Room” 
95. Big Kwam – “I Don’t Give A Fuck” PB Wolf Remix 
96. Giorgio Moroder – “Theme From Midnight Express”

Hour 6

97. Nice N Smooth – “Sometimes I Rhyme Slow” Remix 
98. Carly Simon – “Why” 
99. Star Wars Christmas – “A Christmas Sighting” 
100. Too Short – “Freaky Tales” 
101. Schooly D – “Saturday Night” 
102. Goblin – “Black Forest” 
103. Grauzone “Film 2” 
104. Chappell Electronic “Marathon Man” 
105. Cybotron – “Techno City” 
106. Pink Industry – “Is This The End” 
107. Ingram – “That’s All” 
108. Jonathan Brown – “Def Defiance”

Hour 7

109. Curtis Mayfield – “No Thing On Me” 
110. The Turtles – “I’m Chief Kawannamannalaya” 
111. Riuichi Sakamoto – “Participation Mystique” 
112. Cosmic Overdose – “Oktoberfragment” 
113. Neuronium – “Invisible Views” 
114. Unit Band – “You Fool” 
115. 415 – “Mr. Groove Is Home” 
116. Al Hudson – “Spread Love” 
117. Mystic Journeyman – “Depths Of Survival” 
118. Ange – “Biafra 80 Introduction” 
119. Dickey – “Acid House” 
120. The Gadgets – “Kyleaking” 
121. Todd Rundgren – “Johnee Jingo” 
122. John Renbourn – “Bransle Gay” 
123. YMO – “Behind The Mask” 
124. Mac Dre – “California Livin” 
125. 94 East – “If You Feel Like Dancin’” Feat Prince 
126. Burundi Black – “Burundi Black” 
127. Madvillain- “Curls” 
128. Dorothy Ashby – “Soul Vibrations” 
129. Roy Ayers – “DC City” 
130. Robotiks – “Electromagnetic Seduction” 
131. Slave – “The World’s On Hard” 
132. Diva – “Glow Worm” 
133. Spinners – “Games People Play” 
134. Future – “Progressions” 
135. Was Not Was – “Wheel Me Out” 
136. Ideal – “Ride Me” 
137. Cabaret Voltaire – “Three Mantras” 
138. Egyptian Lover – “Egypt, Egypt”

Hour 8

139. Dam-Funk – “Galactic Funk” 
140. Fast Eddie – “Most Wanted” 
141. Duane & Co. – “JB On The One” 
142. Todd Terry – “It’s Just In House” 
143. Lootpack – ” Long Awaited” Inst. 
144. Lootpack – “Crate Diggin’” 
145. Peaking Lights – “Beautiful Dub” 
146. Bruce Haack – “EIO” 
147. Homeboy Sandman – “The Carpenter” 
148. Impulse – “Girl Over There” 
149. Blaine L. Reininger – “Nural Haj” 
150. Can – “A Spectacle” 
151. New Musik – “The Planet Doesn’t Mind” 
152. Human League – “Hard Times” Inst 
153. Nas – “New York State Of Mind” 
154. Guilty Simpson – “Clap Your Hands” 
155. Charizma PB Wolf – “My World Premier” Inst.

Hour 9

156. East Flatbush Project – “Tried By 12” 
157. Jeru The Damaja – “Come Clean” 
158. Public Enemy – “Shut Em Down” (Pete Rock Remix) 
159. KMD – “Nitty Gritty” 
160. Tristan Palma – “Good Bye Baby” 
161. King Island Errison – “We Must Say Goodbye” 
162. Wayne Jarrett – “Brimstone & Fire” 
163. Gary Wilson – “6.4” 
164. Z – Climax One 
165. Coventry – “Nightklub” 
166. Slave – “Snap Shot” 
167. Non PL – “Picks Me Up” 
168. Ricky Clark – “Flam” 
169. The SNAP Band – “Can You Feel My Love” 
170. Hurbert Laws – “Family”

Hour 10

171. Stairsteps – “Throwin’ Stones Atcha” 
172. New Order – “Ceremony” 
173. Todd Runagren – “In & Out Of Chakras We Go” 
174. Lover II – “I’m Still Hurt” 
175. Marley Marl – “Get Get Get It Now” 
176. Madlib – “Steppin’ Again” 
177. PB Wolf – “Casio Beats’ 
178. Love Joy – “Long Lost Lover” 
179. The Second Coming – “New World A Coming” 
180. Dam-Funk – “Don’t Go Swag” Live 
181. Lonnie Liston Smith – “Expansions” 
182. Ray, Goodman, & Brown – “Another Day” 
183. Steve Miller – “Steve Miller’s Midnight Tango” 
184. New Birth – “Pretty Busy” 
185. James Taylor – “Automatic Reverse” 
186. Sergio Mendes – “The Real Thing” 
187. Pharoah Sanders – “Love Is Everywhere” 

Hour 9

156. East Flatbush Project – “Tried By 12”
157. Jeru The Damaja – “Come Clean”
158. Public Enemy – “Shut Em Down” (Pete Rock Remix)
159. KMD – “Nitty Gritty”
160. Tristan Palma – “Good Bye Baby”
161. King Island Errison – “We Must Say Goodbye”
162. Wayne Jarrett – “Brimstone & Fire”
163. Gary Wilson – “6.4”
164. Z – Climax One
165. Coventry – “Nightklub”
166. Slave – “Snap Shot”
167. Non PL – “Picks Me Up”
168. Ricky Clark – “Flam”
169. The SNAP Band – “Can You Feel My Love”
170. Hurbert Laws – “Family”

Hour 10

171. Stairsteps – “Throwin’ Stones Atcha”
172. New Order – “Ceremony”
173. Todd Runagren – “In & Out Of Chakras We Go”
174. Lover II – “I’m Still Hurt”
175. Marley Marl – “Get Get Get It Now”
176. Madlib – “Steppin’ Again”
177. PB Wolf – “Casio Beats’
178. Love Joy – “Long Lost Lover”
179. The Second Coming – “New World A Coming”
180. Dam-Funk – “Don’t Go Swag” Live
181. Lonnie Liston Smith – “Expansions”
182. Ray, Goodman, & Brown – “Another Day”
183. Steve Miller – “Steve Miller’s Midnight Tango”
184. New Birth – “Pretty Busy”
185. James Taylor – “Automatic Reverse”
186. Sergio Mendes – “The Real Thing”
187. Pharoah Sanders – “Love Is Everywhere”

From Boiler Room

Avens - Blu Skies feat.CL & Carla Waye

BeatPete - Real Definition

Track listing

1.Intro - Let's Go
2.L'Orange & yU - The Mad Writer
3.Figub Brazlevič - A Date With The Devil In Africa
4.Dela & Brotha Soul - Final Fantasy
5.George Fields - November Part 1
6.Remy LBO - Space Escapade
7.George Fields - Understand
8.Quartermaine - Give It Up
9.Dela - Tomorrow Isn't Promissed
10.Alps Cru - No Question (DJ Crucial SP1200 RMX)
11.People Under The Stairs - We'll Be There (RMX)
12.Figub Brazlevič - Bonus Beat 1
13.Profile & Grap Luva - Real Definition
14.Doppelgangaz - Prolapse
15.Headnodic & Zion - Now A Daze
16.Lex de Kalhex - Perfect Picture
17.Kalhex - Le Temps Est Maitre
18.L'Orange & Blu - Alone
19.Soulmade & Praverb - Progression
20.Mr Brown - T.G.I.

DOC Mastermind - ShowNproov

Track listing


Nutso - Street Corner ft. Panchi/Torae/Punchline


DJ Element - Reality Kings & Reason

Track listing

1.Sound Familiar Feat. J57 & Koncept
2.Complex Individuals Feat. Sene, ScienZe & Audible Doctor
3.When I Grow Up Feat. Chaundon & Audible Doctor
4.End Of The World Interlude
5.Walk With Me Feat. Soul Khan, J Swiss & Gorilla Tao

Download Link(audiomak)


Tower da Funkmasta - Call My Name (Feat. Ann)

ceth - Remedio

Raiza Biza - They Told Me (prod. Crime Heat Beats)

Rashid Hadee - Out The Vault

Track listing

1.Gotta Rise 
2.Stuck In Place f/ Neak & Slot-A 
3.I'm The Man 
4.The Cost Of Living f/ Astonish 
5.So Amazing 
6.Gettin Grown 
8.Hit The Hood f/ Neak 

Download Link (hulkshare.com)

Abstrakt Idea - Beats, Blunts & Burgers Vol​.​2

Track listing

1.Breathe (Intro) 
2.Story To Tell (Feat. Sadat X) 
3.Detective Sax 
4.Casino Royale 
5.Say What 
6.Bring It Down 
7.No Schedule 
8.Gentle Rain 
11.Into The Night 
12.Hakuna Matata 
13.Diego To Stockton 
14.Up High 
15.Out The Door 

Mic Handz - Stay Givin It Up ft. Sean Price (prod. by Nick Plated)

DeeJay Element - Complex Individuals ft. Sene, ScienZe & Audible Doctor (Prod. By DeeJay Element)


Koncept - Space Mountain ft.Tanya Morgan

Navid B - Dirt Will Show Feat Tha Soloist

Aosaki - 夜空雪風·序

Track listing

1.初鸣(Into Turbidity)