K​-​Murdock - Champloo'd (Remixes and ReWorks)

Track listing

1.Babblin' (K-Murdock Remix) 
2.Bless the Child (K-Murdock Remix) 
3.The Aviator (K-Murdock Remix) 
4.Butter (K-Murdock's Fresh for 2k9 Rmx) Guiter by Matt Howell 
5.The Light Feet (Come on Feet Rmx) 
6.Breakadawn (K-Murdock's "Quiet Storm" Remix) 
7.Black Swans (K-Murdock Remix) 
8.Axioms (K-Murdock Remix) 
9.Blink (K-Murdock Remix) 
10.The Raven (K-Murdock Remix) 
11.Whatever (K-Murdock Remix) 
12.Holding On (K-Murdock Remix) 
13.Harmony (K-Murdock Remix) 
14.Skepticold (Doc-Van-gelis Remix) 
15.Razor Tongue (Synthy Sawtooth Remix) 
16.The Missing (Panacea Remix) 



Various Artists - M3RRY XMAS Vol.1

Track listing

1.BAD SANTA (skit) (Fatz & Children)
2.Riot - The Bundies
3.4 Minutes - EMC
4.SAD SANTA (skit) (Ace Fatz)
5.823 HeartBreak Street - DeLaZoo
6.S.O.L (Shit Outta Luck) - Pav Bundy, Stricklin, DeLaZoo, Wordsworth
7.Reverse - The Bundies
8.SALVATION ANGRY (skit) (Steve AMG)
9.I Be Damn - Stricklin
10.Table Manners - DeLaZoo, Torae, Masta Ace
11.Baby It's Christmas - Torae, Kelby
12.FOOD COURT (Skit)
13.Doing Dumb Shit - Punchline
14.Nuthin - Stricklin
15.EMC vs Dilla (Freestyle) - EMC
16.We Gonna Have A Merry Christmas - The Bundies
17.ANGRY SANTA WISHES (outro skit)

Download Link(DatPiff)


Track listing

1.Elyon Beats - The JazzHop (feat. Keen & Hazey)
2.Keen & Hazey - Time's Flowing (prod. by DJ Kross)
3.Thomas Prime - All We Got Is Us Remix (feat. Keen & Hazey)
4.DJ Kross - About Life (feat. Awon & Hazey)
5.Keen & Hazey - Lost Treasure (prod. by DJ Kross)
6.Elyon Beats - WonderFlow Style (feat. Keen & Hazey)
7.DJ Kross - It's All Love (feat. Junoflo, Marchitect, Keen, Formosir, Kharisma)
8.Marcus D - Don't Hold Ya Breath Remix (feat. Hazey, Tron & Keen)
9.Hazey - Triple Twelves (prod. by Larkz)
10.Keen - A Child Is Born (prod. by DJ Kross)

Download Link(Mediafire)


Torae - Black Christmas EP [USA]

Track listing

1.Egg Nod (Intro) prod by Haz Solo 
2.Waiting On Christmas Day (feat. Bluu Suede) (prod by E. Jones) 
3.Stay (feat. Wes) (prod by Khrysis) 
4.Baby, It's Christmas (Introducing Kelby Silverio) (prod by Kush Broverz) 
5.A Christmas Story (prod by Haz Solo)

Eclipse 7777 - "No Beginning" (Prod By P8e)


Full Crate - 36 Essential Minutes

The Pharcyde x Gummy Soul - Still Got Love (Bizarre Tribe Megamix)

Track listing

1.Still Got Love (Bizarre Tribe Megamix) 
2.Still Got Love (Bizarre Tribe Megamix Instrumental) 

DJ Funkydelic - Best of Funky DL (Mix)


Esbe & Jenova 7 - Haiku (Nujabes Tribute)

R Beat X Astone - Christmas Loops [France]

Lomovolokno - At Least Never

Track listing

1.Crusted Space 
11.Pixelprincess (Architeq remix) 

Kendrick Lamar Feat. Johnny Popcorn (Remix by Hezekiah) [USA]

KenLo Craqnuques - Tomates

Track listing


Download Link (mediafire)

Lorisoul - Settled (Prod. by Rythmatical)


Formo Sir - "Don't Feel Bad" Prod. Jbeat [Taiwan X Columbia]

Le Premier Sens - First Gift [France]

Track listing

1.Inglorious Beat - Le Premier Noël 
2.R - meRRy chRistmas 
3.SmokedBeat - Bad Santa 
4.Mr.Troy - Sleigh Ride 
5.Dee La Kream - SmOkinG SnOw 
6.Cross-y - Unexpected Gift 
7.Astone - Driving home for christmas 
8.Öster - The Cradle Of Angels 
9.Rize - Sweet Feelings 
10.MelMel - Dasher 
11.Kurtz&Oswald - Indoor/Fire 
12.Le Singe Batteur - Le Noël des Singes 
13.Sirkri - Dream Big 
14.Blanka - Xmas Song 
15.Dysflow - Minana (Granny) 
16.Neemah - No Christmas 
17.Fonz - Poupée ou soldat ? 
18.Sizemen - Christine Noel 
19.Derfa - Santa's High 
20.Dajaz - Jing A Ling 
21.[ REC ] - Last Christmas 
22.Lexblends - Hey Di Ho 
23.Fei Long - La Neige Dans Tes Cheveux 
24.Shabs - KazAnMwen 
25.Tayreeb - Xmas Walk 
26.Le Med - Blue Christ'Jazz 
27.Le4romain - The Zombies Voices

Download Link (mediafire)

Wordsmith - Choose Wisely (Feat CuzOH! Black​)​(​Produced by Mike Beats) [USA]

First Word Records - Two Syllables Volume Eight

Track listing

1.Homecut - Time Difference ft J-Live (Marc Mac Remix) 
2.Tall Black Guy - I Feel Good (James Brown Flip Up) 
3.Souleance - Strongest Love 
4.Ariya Astrobeat Arkestra - Blood In The Water 
5.The Idiot Stem (Scrimshire Remix) 
6.kidkanevil - Yuki's Theme 
7.Comfort Fit - Nitro 
8.Yosi Horikawa - Wandering (Rough Fields Remix) 
9.The Fontanelles - Gaia's Revenge 
10.Border Crossing - Dream On (ft Knati P) 
11.Herma Puma - Royal Flush (Lopez Remix) 
12.Essa - Panache (LV Remix) 
13.Frameworks - Vanish (Future Wildstyle Remix) 

Aosaki - 夜遊(feat. Himawari) [China]

Sam Ock - What A Joy ft. eSNa, Evan, & Hanbyul

Download Link(mediafire)

Kharisma - Grow Up (Feat. Christian Joseph) [USA]


Niazura - Nostalgia [Belgium]

Track listing

2.Astral Light 
3.The Sadness I Carry on my Heart 
4.When The Sun Goes Down 
5.Abstract Existence 
6.Journey of the Mind 
7.Magical Moments 
8.Follow Your Way 
9.Blank Sky
10.Wake Up 

Otokaze - Rap side [Japan]

These sales will donate to Fukushima Iwaki City,affected areas of the Great East Japan Earthquake.
Fukushima is also the hometown of Otokaze.

Photo by Tomomi Takamatsu

Track listing

1.Where'd You Go-SeasideRemix- 
2.Luv(Sic)Pt5 -Otokaze Remix- 
3.夏恋 feat Rhyzz&Bell&Jas Mace(The 49ers) 
5.It's a lovething -Otokaze Remix-
6.F.I.L.O-First In Last Out- Otokaze Remix 
7.無知の知-Otokaze 3.11Remix- 

Otokaze - ​Insturmental side [Japan]

These sales will donate to Fukushima Iwaki City,affected areas of the Great East Japan Earthquake.
Fukushima is also the hometown of Otokaze.

Photo by Tomomi Takamatsu

Track listing

1.Floral tribute 
3.Sakura Memory Pt2-夜桜- 
4.雨道-Rain Street- 
6.Kamakura Night 
8.Save the flavor Part2-Insturmental- 
10.Snow Campus 
11.Memory of December 
12.Relaxing Landscape 
13.save the flavor Pt4 -Last sea story-

Collective Resonance - New Voyage

Track listing

1.The Distance Ensemble - Voyage #1 
2.Bishop - Bishop's Voyage 
3.Prof.Logik - Rock Dreams (Quietly Wild) 
4.Mr. Mockwell - Voltage Flip 
5.Man Of The Downtrodden - Master Voyage 
6.W∆rren Xclnce - Freedom  

Jefferson Price - Just Assume, I'm Everywhere

Track listing

1.Jefferson Price - What You Saying Though (prod. by J57) 
2.Jefferson Price - They Follow (prod. by J57) 
3.Jefferson Price - Insight ft. J57, Truth, Soul Khan and Koncept (prod. by Audible Doctor) 
4.Jefferson Price - Good Old Days (prod. by J57) 
5.Persistence ft. J57, Koncept and Audible Doctor (prod. by J57)

The Jazz Jousters - Take 5 with Dave Brubeck [UK]

Track listing

1.Gadget - Heart & Soul (for Brubeck) 
2.Es-K - RuffRawRugged 
3.Pawcut - Goodbye 
4.Bones The Beat Head - D.B. On Piano 
5.FloFilz - Georgia 
6.Slim The Chemist - Fly High
7.The Specialists - It's A Jungle Out There 
8.Jaze Baqti - Jazz Emsemble 
9.Blue Buttonz - Tonight 
10.Dyversity Beats - Jazz 
11.B 3 N B i - Take Five... and sample something else, please 


Track listing

1.Lord Leonator - filtershit 
2.Lord Leonator - one more time girl 
3.Lord Leonator - pitcher 
4.Rice Master Yen - magenta 
5.Rice Master Yen - mumpitz 
6.Rice Master Yen - spectrum of light


Grappa Frisbee Records - Holiday Compilation

Track listing

1.Wrex Mason - Saturnalia (Wrex vs. Boyz II Men) 
2.Khryo - Cold Winter 
3.Wino Willy - 白雪(White Snow) 
4.BLKrKRT - Tonite (For Xmas) 
5.Darko - One For Santa And His Old Lady 
6.Jaaska - Sno 
7.Maximoe - Zebralicious 
8.Vimana Aircraft - Like a Viking Strikin' (On Christmas) 
9.Magic Nanna - Vince Garauldi Christmas time is here (Magic Nanna Rework) 
10.Shmoog Lebowski - Christmas Cannon 
11.Doc Heller - Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer 
12.enchanterDown - You Only Live Drunk (YOLD) 
13.Animalin Mann - The Bourgeoisie Struggle of the Republican Commie Party 
14.Languid - All I Want For Cwissmass Iz Yuu 
15.Vimana Aircraft - View of Snow from a Cave's Window 
16.$†un†m@n M¥ke - Santa's Dead 
17.Flamingosis - *DIGITAL BONUS* Utopia 
18.SoulStarr - *DIGITAL BONUS* Wishful Thinkin 

Le Premier Sens - First Gift (Teaser) [France]

from their upcoming album"Free Gift"
Tracks : "The Cradle Of Angels" - Öster / "Sleigh Ride" - Mr. Troy


Payozo - Instrumentals Vol. 2 [Sweden]


Pragmatic Theory - New Classic

Track listing

1.DEAD HORSE BEATS - Doin' Fine 
2.Vanilla - Who Do You Love 
3.Miles Bonny x Ta-ku - As You Sleep On My Lap 
4.Warren Xclnce - XXWXX 
5.Glyphick - I Couldn't Have 
6.Shain Caw - The Journey 
7.ManOnWire - 7oVe YoU 
8.LAKIM - Midnight Hour 
9.Sev Seveer - Kinda Blue (Forest Park to O'Hare) 
10.Chromodadata - The Wind 
11.Languid - Somewhere In Amsterdam 
12.Snubluck - Dead Leaves 
13.Weirddough - Get It Up 
14.Keor Meteor - Wu 
15.Prozak Morris -The New Found Baddest Mother Funkers In The Galaxy 
16.J-Felix - What It Does 
17.S.F.T - Saturday Sunshine 
18.Artonius - Media Intake 
19.Mononome - All For Nothing 
20.5th Sequence - Made 4 h.e.r. 
21.JP Balboa - Yesterday Human 
22.DJ Sapien - Winter Soulstice 
23.Es-K - PragmatiK Fonque Theory 
24.Handbook - Inside Of Me 
25.Josef Blo - Alrite 
26.REZ - Klowds 
27.Keith Price - Dollartech 
28.7even Sun - 7Scosmic 
29.Funky Notes - Dont Worry 
30.JA:KOVA - Humble Cake 
31.ill Sugi - Arriving 
32.chrisAre - Space Heater 
33.Afryx_Q - Unica Solitudine 
34.Floyd Cheung - Dusk 
35.The Soul Pilot - Backpacker Blues 
36.Grossbuster - Singularity 


Hexsagon - Dave Brubeck Beat Tape [USA]

Track listing

1.George Wein Speaks (Intro) 
3.Take Five 
4.George Wein Speaks (Interlude) 
6.Some Day 
8.Daisies (Dave Brubeck Speaks Outro) 

Hannibal King - Singing Miracles [USA]

Track listing

1.Grandfathers (Roy) 
2.Don't Fall In Love 
3.Soulful Number 
4.Never Leave Me 
5.Love Song 
6.Love Is Near (Interlude) 
7.Singing Miracles 
8.All of the Love 
9.Rum and Indo 
10.Science Fiction 
11.Bespin 01

Download Link(mediafire)

Hawdwerk & Jansport J - High Power Moves [USA]

Track listing

1.Live From The 626 
2.Rap Hustle 
4.That Spliff feat. Poetik Force & El Prez 
5.All I Need 
6.She Smiles feat. J7 
7.Ride feat. The God Sincere 
8.Throw The Bombs 
10.High Power Moves 
11.Believers feat. Prophit & Avi The Most Ill 
12.Hearin' Shit 
13.Fly As Me feat. No One (Noni Spitz & Dae One) & Chevy Jones 
15.Change Your Mind 
16.Season Finale 

Jansport J - Sport Did It Tho Vol. 1 [USA]

Track listing

1.No One - Im Playa (ft. Smokey Lane)
2.LAUSD - Starter Jackets (ft. C-San, Three-1-Zero,Convinced, TiRon, El Prez, Chris Focus and DNEZ )
3.Poetik Force - Keep Runnin (ft. Sean Wyze and Blakface)
4.Keon Supreme - Supreme
5.ASN - On The Road (ft. AZ, Fucc That, P.A. and Keisha Shontelle)
6.Hope Wright - Fear and Guilt
7.Curtiss King - Scumbags (ft. Ab-Soul and Stevie Crooks)
8.Polyester the Saint - 7th Letter (ft. Freddie Gibbs and Bad Lucc)
9.El Prez - Cop Trees (ft. DNEZ)
10.TreeHouseClub - Pattie Cake
11.Sean Falyon - The Riches (ft. Killa Kyleon)
12.Chaundon - I Live It
13.Mobb Deep - Shook Ones Pt. 2 [Jansport J Remix]
14.General Monks - We That Shit (ft. Rogue Venom and SAS)
15.Poetik Force - In Due Time (ft. Keon Supreme)
16.Hawdwerk and Jansport J - Bars and Noble ft. General Monks
17.Roc C - Open Wound
18.World's Fair - 420 (ft. Avi The Most Ill, Poetik Force and Hawdwerk)
19.Hawdwerk and Jansport J - She Smiles (ft. J7)
20.Carl Thomas - I Wish [Jansport J Remix]
21.TiRon and Ayomari - Superwoman
22.Convinced - Saddest Stories
23.LAUSD - We Made It '09 (ft. Miss Jack Davey, Diz Gibran, Blu, DOM KENNEDY and Shawn Chrystopher)
24.No One - Epiphany (ft. Mike Ant and Ina Williams)


K-Murdock - Hero Muzik Vol. 1 [USA]

Track listing

1.A Dying Breed - Terra
2.Thief's Theme - Locke 
3.The Ruler's Back - Edgar & Sabin 
4.Ballad Of The Lone Warrior - Celes 
5.Whistles In The Wind - Shadow 
6.The Pride Of A Nation - Cyan 
7.Where The Wild Things Are - Gau 
8.Gil Toss Anthem - Setzer 
9.Blue Magic Bounce - Strago 
10.Watercolors - Relm 
11.Kupo-cabana - Mog

Supastition - Yada Yada (Prod. by Marco Polo) [USA]


Esbe - Late night headphones Vol​.​3 [USA]

Track listing

2.Like this 
3.Breakbeat Kids 
7.Winter Solstice 
9.Over the universe 
10.Vibes up 
11.Haiku(Nujabes Tribute Feat.Jenova 7&Hal Mcmillen) 
12.Where you are 
13.No regrets 
14.Jazz 'n' Stuff 
15.Green eyed 
17.Thinking of when 
19.Future talk 
23.New life 
24.Space in stereo (Feat.Groove Cereal) 
25.Otousan 03:41
26.Full moon sway 

Thomas Prime - The Instrumental LP Vol​.​2 [UK]

Track listing

1.Forget Everything (To You) [Instrumental] 
2.Believe In Us [Instrumental] 
3.Molotov World [Instrumental] 
4.Audio Therapy [Instrumental] 
5.Without A Parachute [Instrumental] 
6.Spit On It [Instrumental]
7.So Much Pain [Instrumental] 
8.Trapped (Find A Path) [Instrumental] 
9.Light It Up [Instrumental] 
10.Heroes & Villains [Instrumental] 
11.Shine [Instrumental] 
12.Push [Instrumental] 
13.Busy Dreamin' [Instrumental] 
14.L.O.Z [Instrumental] 
15.The Responsible Hustle [Instrumental] 
16.Red Plastic Cups [Instrumental] 
17.One Of These Days [Instrumental] 
18.Honesty (Lovely Day) [Instrumental] 
19.LS2 Intro (Extended) [Instrumental] 
20.Radiant Youth ft. Yeiv (Bonus Track) 
21.Light It Up (Bonus Version) 

Soul Khan - Psalm [USA]

Track listing

1.The Machine f Akie Bermiss 
2.Morning Alone f Nicholas Ryan Gant
3.Rusted Ghosts f Arthur Lewis 
4.Van Gelder f Akie Bermiss, Arthur Lewis, and Nicholas Ryan Gant 
5.(BONUS) Not Like That f Akie Bermiss (Video Version) 

The Mouse Outfit - Who Gwan Test feat. Sparkz and Dubbul O [UK]

CuzOH! Black - Party In The Left Wing (Featuring Wordsmith) (Produced By Benny Rome) [USA]

CM JONES - Another World [USA X France]

Track listing

1.Let's Start 
2.Unforgiven feat. CA$H 
3.My Mark 
4.For Ya Mind feat. D DAND 
5.VooDoo feat. MORUF 

Handbook - Gotta Be [UK]

Benny Freestyles - Benny And The Jetta [USA]

Track listing

1.Benny & The Jetta (intro)
2.Ready Freestyle
3.Green Hill
4.Heady Wraps
5.No Glitz
6.Rock with Me ft. Dayna Passaretti
7.High Class ft. Yung Cam GBM
8.Places that I Go
9.88 till...
10.Outer Space
11.Crossjoints for Breakfast (interlude)
12.Circles ft. 9.30

Lynd-oh - Calm Saturation [USA]

Track listing

1.Introlude (look mom! No Drums!) 
2.Practice #3 
4.Interlude (1,2,3,4) 
5.Bio 316 
6.The one with the old ass drum 
7.It don't stop 
8.Sit down music (aka Skateboard music aka The Finger Man) 
9.Interlude #2 (passing tones) 
10.The Exception 
11.Practice #2 


Long Arm - The Branches [Russia]

Track listing

1.Power Of Rain 
2.The Waterfall Inside Me 
3.Double Bass In Love 
4.After 4AM 
5.Perfect Morning 
6.When Children Sleep 
7.Key Door 
8.The Roots 
10.The Branches (Instrumental) 
11.Thank You 
12.Blue Birds Red Flowers (Bass by Sneaky of Fingathing)
13.Sleep Key (Hidden Orchestra Remix) 
14.Perfect Morning (Dday One Remix) 
15.The Roots (40 Winks Remix) 0
16.The Waterfall Inside Me (Robag´s Bad Bocklet Revolut - Robag Wruhme Remix) 
17.The Branches (Sieren Remix) 
18.When Children Sleep (Yoko Duo Remix) 
19.Key Door (Berry Weight Remix) 
20.When Children Sleep (Empt Remix) 
21.Perfect Morning (Speck from CYNE Remix) 


Nieve - California (Feat. Tunji) [USA]

Thomas Prime - Believe In Us feat. Awon [UK]

Majestic is my favorite channel!
This track from Thomas Prime, Awon and Kameleon Beats album

Side B - Bodylanguage [USA]

Track listing

2.Blue moons 
3.Old style ft. Budamunk 
5.Back rubs 
8.Can't stop ft. Weirddough 
9.Isaac and Tracy (anything) 
10.giv u luv 
11.Designated lovers 
12.French kissez 
14.Soft reset 

Öster - WET [France]

Track listing

1.Rain Störming 
2.Beat 4 Kyo 
4.Water Pröof 
5.Unsteady Needle (5h19) 0
6.Dusty Clöuds 
7.Child's Gaze 
8.Dry Fög 
9.Chérie Chérie 
10.Steam of Love 
11.LÖst Sum'R 
12.Öster x Dysflow - Sprinkle Drops *Live Bonus Version*

Download link(mediafire)

BoomBaptist - The Lost Files Vol. 4 (2007​-​2009) [USA]

Track listing

1.The Anthem 
2.Awwwreaddy (Texas Theme) 
4.Prelude to Sex Scene
5.Loving You (Favorite Things)
7.Fly LIke an Eagle (BoomBaptist Wigflip)
9.Don of the Dead 
10.B4 Numark Bought Akai & Everything Went To sh*t 
11.Seductress Duct Tape (Too Tough) 
12.Homage to You 
13.El Matador 
14.Rest In Peace Gil-Scott Heron 
15.The Man, The Myth, The Mystikal
16.Vigilante Up
17.Taco Cabana 
18.Coming out of retirement, again (MJ Theme) 

Drea - So Good (Prod.Frank G) [USA]