Wyld Bunch - Unbreakable

Track listing

1.Skillz feat. Guilty Simpson (prod. by DJ Brans, cuts by DJ Djaz) 
2.Keep It Movin feat. Roc Marciano (prod. by DJ Brans, cuts by DJ Djaz) 
3.Can't Please Them All feat. Masta Ace (prod. by DJ Brans) 
4.Hard On The Beat feat. Raf Almighty (prod. by DJ Brans, cuts by DJ Djaz) 
5.I Do Not Fail feat. Hannibal Stax (prod. by DJ Brans, cuts by DJ Djaz) 
6.Get It feat. H. Lloyd & Oxygen (prod. by DJ Brans, cuts by DJ Djaz) 
7.Long Time Ago (prod. by DJ Brans) 
8.Beast'N feat. Torae (prod. by DJ Brans, cuts by DJ Djaz) 
9.Skillz (DJ Low Cut remix) feat. Guilty Simpson (cuts by DJ Djaz) 
10.Keep It Movin (Confidence remix) feat. Roc Marciano (cuts by DJ Djaz) 
11.Can't Please Them All (Azaia remix) feat. Masta Ace 
12.Hard On The Beat (Kyo Itachi "Zangetsu" remix) feat. Raf Almighty (cuts by DJ Djaz) 
13.I Do Not Fail (Venom "Rooftop View" remix) feat. Hannibal Stax 
14.Get It (DJ Qvali remix) feat. H. Lloyd & Oxygen (cuts by DJ Djaz) 
15.Long Time Ago (Alterbeats remix) (cuts by DJ Modesty) 
16.Beast'N (Flev remix) feat. Torae (cuts by DJ Djaz) 

DJ Low Cut - In The Cut (Instrumental)

Track listing

1.No Room For Snitches (Instrumental) 
2.Lock And Load (Instrumental) 
3.Fucked Up Interlude (Instrumental) 
4.Fuck YOU (Instrumental) 
5.Homicide Blocks (Instrumental) 
6.Shut'Em Down (Instrumental) 
7.Grand Scheme (Instrumental) 
8.Blue Meth Interlude (Instrumental) 
9.Hollywood High (Instrumental) 
10.[BONUS] No Mc Without Dj, No Dj Without MC (Remix Dj Low Cut) (Instrumental) 



Track listing

1.TRILL (the movie) Feat. Arvee 
2.R O J O 
4.Datwassup' Feat. Monk' 
7.Find you (Loosing myself) 
8.1,000 Pieces Feat. Via Rosa & Arvee


Sole Glow Collective - Compilation Volume 2

Track listing

1.Tek Nik - Ciara - Ride (Tek Nik's Thigh Glitch Remix) 
2.Juicy the Emissary - Taylor Swift - I Knew You Were Trouble (Juicy the Emissary Remix) 
3.Kinder - LL Cool J - Around the Way Girl (Kinder's Cassingle Remix) 
4.Flava Dre - Styles P - Favourite Drug (Flava Dre Remix) 
5.MatMel 303 - Morcheeba - World Looking In (MatMel 303 Remix) 
6.MOTHR - Nelly Furtado - Turn Off the Light (MOTHR Remix) 
7.Burial - UK (JayLotus Remix) 
8.Roughsoul - Carly Rae Jepsen - Call Me Maybe (Roughsoul Remix) 
9.Circo Inverso - Thelma Houston - Don't Leave Me This Way (Circo Inverso Remix) 
10.Flohawk - Rihanna - Where Have You Been (Flohawk Downgrade) 
11.Artificial Earth Machine - Bjork - All Neon Like (Artificial Earth Machine Remix) 
12.Eversive - James Blake - Measurements (Deconstructionist Remix by Eversive) 
13.DJ Ninja - Big L - Flamboyant (DJ Ninja Remix) 
14.Wave Hands Like Clouds - StrangeLoop X Murk-a-Troid - Shifter Boombod (WHLC Remix) 
15.Rhythum - Mhz Legacy - Blue and Yellow (Rhythum Remix) 
16.Man of the Downtrodden - Jay Z - Threat (MOTD Remix) 
17.Filibusta - Mr. Bill - Cheyah (Filibusta Remix) 
18.Aquaspek - Poolside - Slow Down (Aquaspek Remix) 
19.Lo Phi - Mr. Mister - Broken Wings (Lo Phi Remix) 

Milestone - A Year of Jazz Jousting

Track listing

1.Gadget & Lady Paradox - Milestone 
2.Stay Classy - Jousters, I Salute You 
3.Diligent Fingers - A Love So Sweet 
4.Pawcut - Clairvoyant 
5.RickMal - Tributary 
6.Mr. Moods - Bouillabaisse 
7.Es-K - eNseMbLe LooP ft. Grant Green Stan Getz and Nancy Wilson 
8.B 3 N B i - Time Flies (Thank You) 
9.Bones The Beat Head - Jaunty Vibes 
10.Joe Davies - Reminiscing 
11.Jaze Baqti - Jazz Mess 
12.Stay Classy - The Voice Of Nancy 



Track listing

2.Past and future 
3.Water surface 
6.Clash of wills 
7.One’s mind 
8.All over 
9.Magnetic compass 
11.Bloody mary 
13.Day dream 
14.Judgment day 
15.Hit and run 

Adjaman - Juno

Track listing

3.Title (feat. SNK∆) 
7.Onuj (Slip)

Senpai - The OST

Track listing

1.The Beginning 
2.And We Shall Rise 
3.Battle Scar ft. Thomas Prime 
4.Above The Fallen 
5.Plastic Dolls ft. Vessel & Dagger 
6.Winter Seclusion 


Eric Lau - One of Many

Track listing

2.Here (feat. Rahel) 
3.Lily of the Desert (feat. Georgia Anne Muldrow) 
4.Rise Up (feat. Oddisee & Olivier St. Louis) 
5.Everytime (feat. Rahel) 
6.The Gathering 
7.For You (feat. Tawiah) 
8.Guide You (feat. Rahel) 
9.Closer (feat. Tawiah) 
10.We All Are 
11.Not Alone (feat. Tawiah) 
12.Divine (feat. Fatima) 
13.Where To Go Now (feat. Tawiah) 

Ta-ku - Dowhatyoulove

Track listing

1.Intro (Searching) 
3.Make You Wanna 
4.Keys Go Harder 
5.Blow Up 
6.June 30th (D.I.L.L.A) 
8.Color Her Sunshine 
9.Someone Else 
10.Supposed To Do 
13.Red Alert 
14.See Me Through 
16.Meet You There 
17.Steady Goes 

Kid Tsunami - The Chase

Track listing

1.AR Toxic feat. Kool Keith and Chuck Chilla 
2.Bang Exclusive feat. Sean Price and Chuck Chilla 
3.Get It feat. Prince Po 
4.Catch Wreck feat. OC 
5.Twothousand40 feat. Masta Ace 
6.On Course feat. Thirstin' Howl the 3rd and Sadat X 
7.What It Was feat. J-Live 
8.No Guarantees feat. Yesh 
9.Worldwide Connex feat. Craig G 
10.Take It Back feat. El Da Sensei 
11.Down Pat feat. Percee P 
12.Authentic feat. Bahamadia 
13.The First Letter feat. AG 
14.Art Of War feat. Kool G Rap 
15.These Are The Facts feat. Krs-One 
16.The Chase feat. Buckshot, Chubb Rock, Pharoahe Monch and Jeru The Damaja 


ESH & ARC - Nightworks

Track listing

2.Werewolves Anonymous 
3.The Third Tit ft. Romen Rok 
4.Hertz Donut ft. Fran-P 
5.Bonafide Napoleon Complex 
6.Where The Heart Is ft. Ceschi 

Imperial - Zone Out

Track listing

1.Zone Out (feat. K.I.N.E.T.I.K.) 
2.Zone Out (feat. K.I.N.E.T.I.K.) Instrumental 
3.Zone Out (feat. K.I.N.E.T.I.K.) Acapella

Oath - A Prelude To A Sunset

Track listing

1.Home To The Sea 
2.Keep It Movin' 
3.Drunken Butterflies 
4.Age Of Aquarius R.O.T.Y.M. 
5.The Lighthouse 
6.Message In A Bottle feat Doc Felix 


Mr. Moods and Darkside - Late night jazz for baby makers

Track listing

1.Intro (feat Carine Huron) 
2.Late night jazz 
4.Chained at feelings 
5.I don't wanna be alone 
6.When i go back home (feat Carine Huron) 
7.You never know 
8.Moonrise jazz 
9.Seeing you 
11.Real state (feat Yorch Nasif) 
12.Ombres et lumières (feat Carine Huron) 
13.The things that ruins our life 
14.Midnight mood (feat Carine Huron)

Jim'nastics - The Jazz Jousters strumming with Jim Hall

Track listing

1.SmokedBeat - Hall Street 
2.Gadget - Foreign Twang (Melody for Maya) 
3.DJ Mentos - Enter The Hallway 
4.Es-K ft. Gadget - Doomsday 
5.B 3 N B i - Jimterlude 
6.Mr. Moods - Deck In The Halls 
7.Stay Classy - Jamming with Jim 
8.Bones The Beat Head - Late Afternoon 
9.Gadget - Hall of Resonance 
10.Es-K - Es-K - JimNasty aka Doomsday Instrumental 


Boog Brown - In Tune w/ Illastrate, Lex Boogie, Joe D., The Late Bloom

Track listing

1.In Tune 
2.In Tune (Clean) 
3.The Natural (w/ Joe D. and Lex Boogie)

Kal​-​L x Keor Meteor - J​.​F​.​K EP

Track listing

1.Enter J.F.K 
2.Dare FT. Zeuz (cuts DJ Ivan6) 
4.Legends in the Making FT. Cor Stidak 
6.Understand FT. Snaxx1k 
7.Mailman (Karl Malone) (cuts by Delight) 


Lex (de Kalhex) - Full Cycle

Track listing

1.Fast Forward [feat. Shing02] 
2.Pharaoh's Dance 
4.Full Cycle 
5.Elevation (Lost Treasure) 
6.To The People 
7.Circulations [feat. Shing02] 
9.Time Has No Ending 
10.Up In The Soul 
12.Big Scheme

DJ Czarny/Tas - Time To Build

Track listing

1."On Air" (intro) 
2."Time To Build" - feat. Ozay Moore 
4."Where Is My Heaven?" 
6."Once Again" 
10."Too Close" 
11."Dreaming At The Surface" 
13."Time To Build" (patr00 remix) 
14."Once Again" (Mr Brown remix) 


Laruche Records - Compilation Vol​.​1

Track listing

1.Amin PaYnE - Joy 
2.Floyd Cheung - Your Groove 
3.Roughsoul - The Menace 
4.Punta Rosa - Machine Love 
5.Monk' - FonkUFonkAss 
6.Mister Bibal - Randomized Polynomial Time 
7.Lafayette Ellis - Callisto 
8.Rhythum - I.C.U 
9.Samuel Truth - Aroha 
10.Doc Mastermind - Cold Blooded 
11.Al Patron - New Love 
12.Geteye - May 
13.Öster - French Girls 
14.Bhonstro - Milestone 
15.Handbook - Starsigns 
16.Cookie Monster Galaxy - Paris With Love 
17.J-Zen - MESCALifornia 
18.Jazz Logic - Flowers 
19.Rico Wright - I Don't Know Why 
20.Chinau - SURRNDR 

Shag - Far, Far Away

Track listing

1.Intro/Far, Far Away 
2.Give You Up 
3.Rainy Night Alone 
4.Dreamin' Interlude 
5.Dreams ft. Edward Frost and Lamar Kelley 
6.Fed Up 
7.Got Ya Love 
8.The Death of AmbiBen 
9.Wrong Number Interlude (Can I Speak to Ben?) 
11.Dead Wrong (As Usual) 
12.Distraction (Fake a Pregnancy) 
13.Waiting Game 
14.Well Then... 
15.Outro/Ain't it Sad? 


ChaCha & WordySoulspeak - One More Day

Track listing

1.One More Day 
2.Rain In Shanghai 

Funk Bast*rd (Darker Than Wax) - LarucheMIX#12

Nutso & Dj Low Cut - In The Cut

Track listing

1.No Room For Snitches (feat. Dirt Platoon, Cuts Dj Nix’On) 
2.Lock and Load (feat. Nems & FT) 
3.Fucked Up Interlude 
4.Fuck YOU (Cuts Dj Nix’On) 
5.Homicide Blocks (feat. Rasheed Chappell, AG da Coroner, C-Rayz Walz & Smiley The Ghetto Child) 
6.Shut'Em Down 
7.Grand Scheme (feat. Timeless Truth, Cuts Dj Modesty) 
8.Blue Meth Interlude 
9.Hollywood High (feat. C-Rayz Walz & AG da Coroner) 
10.[BONUS] No Mc Without Dj, No Dj Without MC - Dj Nice (feat. Koron, Lambo & K-Tone) (Remix by Dj Low Cut, Cuts Dj Nix'on) 

Darker Than Wax - 'All Stars' Compilation

Track listing

1.Cosa Nostra - By the Way 
2.Wayvee - Milk & Honey 
3.Jaylotus feat. Professa - Back To The Source 
4.Luviia - Junkie For Your 
5.Amel Larrieux - For Real (Jaël's refix) 
6.Koetry - Feels Like 
7.Evil Needle - Synthy Sunshine 
8.Samuel Truth - Caspian 
9.Monk' - Truman Shuzz 
10.Nikitch - Hate Or Wait 
11.Obi.von - Hackney 
12.Milo Mill$ - Capricorn (exclusive track) 
13.Lynd-oh - Interlude (1,2,3,4) 
14.Flpyd Cheung - Keepin' 
15.Jose James - Trouble (Tek Nalo G remix) 
16.Beatsofreen - Behind Us 
17.SimilarObjects - S3cret Sc1ences 
18.Juno Akasawa - Lefside 
19.Midnight Runners - Rush Line 
20.Fantastikclick & Sport G - Porno Degree 

stillmuzik - Looking For The Perfect Beat

Track listing

1.Koolade "The Expo" 
2.Somepling "WingSide Mind" 
3.Beus Bengal "G13 Amnesia" 
4.Illingsworth "hands" 
5.Sacha Di Manolo "Honk World War" 
6.Handbook "Pure Emptiness" 
7.Biof "Pushing Buttons" (Cuts By Sacha Di Manolo) 
8.Elaquent "Paris By Night" 
9.Lartizan "The Moment'" 
10.Ta-ku "Know You" 
11.Ohbliv "Withoutchu" 
12.Kyo Itachi "The Manga Diggah" 
13.Chief "Up & Down" 
14.Saneyes "Rebirth" 
15.Spacedtime "journeyon" 
16.Keor Meteor "Plutonomy" (Cuts by Dj Ivan6) 
17.Bhonstro "Queen"

Flava Dre - Abstract Moments

Track listing

1.Calling Arcturians 
2.Trip To Saturn 
4.U.N.I Verse 
7.Time Travelling 
8.Drunk Bump 

DJ Eveready - Trapped In The 90's Mixtape


SciFi Stu - Reflectionz

Track listing

1.What You Wanna Know (Ft John Robinson, Venomous 2000, Tone Liv & Chinch 33) 
2.Crackz (Ft Junclassic, King RA & Chinch 33) 
3.Choices (Ft Smoovth, MKV, Ryan-O'Neil & Chinch 33) 
4.Sun Child (Ft Sleep Sinatra) 
5.Wash The Pain Away (Ft Veteran Assassins) 
6.Wreckin (Ft Junclassic, Citizen X, Apani B & Chinch 33) 
7.How It's Being Played (Ft Internal Quest) 
8.Breaking Bad (Ft King RA) 
9.The Most Efficient (Ft Venomous 2000, Cymarshall Law, John Robinson, El Da Sensei & DJ Priority) 
10.Tinsel Town & Hollyweird (Feat Tone Liv & Axl J Foley) 
11.The Look Back (Feat Tha Soul Circle) 
12.Time Flies (Ft Fresh Sly) 
13.We Rock (ft MKV) 
14.Walking Down The Hall (Ft Smoovth) 
15.Strive - SciFi Stu Remix (Ft Tha Connection, Roc Marciano & Chinch 33) 

Amin PaYnE - Cosmic Disfunktions

Track listing

1.Extraordinary Feat. K-SABA 
2.Love Dust Feat.SilentJay 
3.One Day 
4.Moonlight Feat. BEN BADA BOOM 
5.Letter To Dayton [The Sound] 
6.Cosmic Planets Feat.Roughsoul 
7.Waiting For Her 
8.You're The Only Star 
9.Via Lactea 
10.Soul's Desire feat.Karen Morales 
12.Infinite Horizon 


Jublet - scenery

Track listing

2.each fine 
5.don't ever want to run out 
6.high.... school 
7.indoor hq 
8.arrange first, then burn 
10.fruit drink 2 
11.tough crowd 
13.wanna be 
14.chocolate bath