Tiff The Gift - True Enough ( Thomas Prime Remix )

Luv(sic) part 5 - Shing02 (LEMS Remix)

Elyon Beats - My Dream

track list

1. Good Night (Intro)
2. Autum (Instrumental)  
3. Forrest  
4. Dancing In The Paris 2
5. I Miss You  
6. Notebook  
7. Forever Gone  
8. Departure (Samurai Champloo Tribute)
9. Another Morning  
10. Good Morning (Outro)



Cans&7even Sun​-​French Connection

track list

2.French Connection 
4.I Dont Know by M.Wettah 
5.1st 2nd &3rd 
6.Thuggin feat. Justice 
8.OG Story by D.Johns 
9.Interlude feat. Jayles of Poor Rich Kids
10.Summer feat. Multi The Chozen
11.Room To Improve 

Cans & 7even Sun​-​Reconnected

track list

2.Can't Stop 
3.Cruise Control 
4.Movin ft D.Johns & Minnosota Phatz 
5.My Opinion Of U 
7.Get Back Up ft Brett Laffin 
8.I Can Do
10.Above The Clouds ft D.Carter 
12.BONUS TRACK-Epic ft Poor Rich Kids 

FlowEthics - Mixtape Tracks

track list

1.You Make It Real (Prod. by sDot) 
2.Nike Boots (FlowEthics Remix) 
3.Back From The Start 
4.FlowEthics x Mikey Manifest - Not This Lifetime feat. Mikey Manifest 
5.Hyundai, Mazda, Honda 
6.Flowethics X Patrice - You Remind Me (DJ E. Remix) 
7.Stay (Just a Little Bit) 

DJ Hazey 82 - Iron & Silk

track list

01. Bahamadia - Biggest Part of Me (over Avens - Remember Times) 
02. Souls of Mischief - Dead Man Walkin (over ST/MIC - Combo Time) 
03. Sadat X, Lord Jamar & Grand Puba - Brand New Bein (over Fullmember - Re instrumental) 
04. Substantial & 14? - When The Luster Fades (over Nujabes - Prayer) 
05. Tunji - Triple Threat Verse (over Kondor - Stories To Tell) 
06. Guru & Masta Ace - Conflict (over Kenichiro Nishihara - Weather Overtone) 
07. AZ - The Come Up (over DJ Ezasscul - Love Fever) 
08. De La Soul - Stakes Is High (over Kondor - Path of The Samurai) 
09. The 49ers & ZDW!? - Summer Rain (over Kondor - Promise) 
10. Diverse - Escape Earth (over Kondor - Eternal Life) 
11. Outkast - ATLiens (over SoulChef - Escape) 
12. CL Smooth - I Can't Help It (over Cook Classics - Always Unique) 

13. Kno feat. Natti & Substantial - When I Was Young (over Float11 - Calm Life)
14. Wordsworth - Shoulder (over Nujabes & Fat Jon - Arurian Dance)
15. Collective Efforts - Until My Lifes Gone (over Nomak - Doze Off)
16. Shing02 - F.I.L.O. (over [Explosive A] - Dream...)
17. Jurassic 5 - The Influence (over Nujabes - Tsurugi no Mai)
18. Cise Star - DTFN (over Float11 - Silent Ocean)
19. Brother Ali feat Slug - The Believers (over Marcus D - Freedom Of The Mind)
20. Bob Marley - No Woman No Cry (over Kenichiro Nishihara - Introduction 57N 6W)




Nitsua - always remember

nitsua - always remember by visioneternal

Marcus D - Don't Hold Ya Breath ft. Funky DL

track list

1.Don't Hold Ya Breath ft. Funky DL 
2.Don't Hold Ya Breath (Instrumental) 
3.Don't Hold Ya Breath ft. Funky DL (Bolo Remix) 
4.Don't Hold Ya Breath (Remix Instrumental)
5.Don't Hold Ya Breath ft. Funky DL (Accapella - 95BPMs)

Juzzy Orange - Greatest hits

track list


If u guys not from Taiwan and want to buy this physical CD album! 
Contact with me! thx
E-mail: mrtang@digicrates.com

Magnificent Ruffians & AGQ - Spanglish Conquistadores

track list

1.Intro (International Shit) Cuts By Derock & DJ Corin
2.Spanglish Conquistadores Ft. Blest One & Dkoldis
3.Gorillas Ft. Tony Touch & Dkoldis
4.What I Do For You Ft. Canes & Dkoldis
5.Dynamite Ft. Jairo & Dkoldis
6.Yall Still Sleeping (My Hood To Yours Interlude)Ft. Emblema
7.Call It What It Is Ft. M.Padron
8.Trust Issues Ft.Isayah Thomas & Dkoldis
9.3 Round Burst Ft. Isayah Thomas & Dkoldis
10.You Know Now Ft. Thurstin Howl The 3rd Prod. Dizmember One
11.Ooh Wee Ft. Virush & Dkoldis
12.Hasta Luego Bitches Ft. Master Chief


Junoflo - Steady Soul


Close your eyes, let the sun rays penetrate the haze 
forget that it's monday, feelin' a little strange 
so I'm wondering, you be the lightning I'm the thunderin 
the rain drops I tame not, so I let it drizzle in 
and I'm sizzlin', capping off thermometers 
perspiring and spiralling like you was Andromeda 
and I'm just powered up, maybe it's the caffeine 
tossin & turnin like you in a bad dream 
but this life thing, yo what is the right thing? 
greed is the king so money does the wifing 
dusty ass windshield, gotta do some wiping 
i'm cruising with the sounds that appeal to my liking 
cus lately all these rappers have been spiking 
the drinks and the beats, this matter becomes trifling 
I never take defeat, Muhammad in the fight ring 
we gotta spread the truth so this birdie just might sing 

so just move to the rhythm and keep your soul steady 
let the music take control, your burdens are gone already 
let it lift you up to this elevated place, oh 
so just move to the rhythm and keep your soul steady 
let the music take control, your burdens are gone already 
let it lift you up to this elevated place, oh 

I let it lift me up to this elevated place 
where my head's in the clouds and the sun's in my face 
cus honestly, I've been tryna minimize the waste 
but the dirt keep on creepin it's way outta the vase 
that's our firm foundation, 
hold it steady and raise them, 
a blink of an eye, don't lose sight of what you chasin' 
those strenuous nights when you spent in the basement 
never settle for less and be the best replacement 
I'm coupe cruisin' while 'em fools just snoozin' 
with a girl so booji, the wallet battles he losin' 
and suddenly to me, the sky's never been bluer 
Q and Phife in the seat, we on Award Tour 
with our Souls of Mischief, my heart's never been truer 
my tongue soaped down and mind out of the sewer 
cus my goal be to elevate the minds of my listeners and viewers 

so just move to the rhythm and keep your soul steady 
let the music take control, your burdens are gone already 
let it lift you up to this elevated place, oh 
so just move to the rhythm and keep your soul steady 
let the music take control, your burdens are gone already 
let it lift you up to this elevated place, oh

Wy-i - Seasons EP

track list

5.Lonely Winds (Bonus Track) 
6.Hanami (Bonus Track) 

Masek - Start Over

Start Over(TAGGED) by Masek

Blazo - Reflections

track list

1.New Beginning 
2.The Influence 
3.Heartbeat feat. Nieve 
4.Reality Check 
5.Lucid Dream 
6.Dock Ellis feat. The 49'ers 
7.Flute Story Two 
9.Notes feat. CL 
11.Little Piano Two 
13.Pressure feat. The 49'ers

Blazo - Jazz Format Mixtape vol​.​1

track list

2.Kero One - Keep It Alive (Blazo remix) 
3.Shinsight Trio - Heart 
4.Dj Mitsu The Beats - Pursuits Of Clarity Ft. Agape from Isosceles 
5.The 49'ers - The Sun 
6.Specifics - Lifes Work 
7.Choice37 - Conversate Ft.KeroOne & El Gambina 
8.Raw Produce - The Wack Mc 
9.The Sound Providers - Autumns Evening Breeze 
10.Shin Ski - Koyoi Ft. Apani B Fly MC 
11.Blazo - Essential Violet 
12.The Procussions - Life Of Brian 
13.Jazz Liberatorz - Force Be With You (intrumental) 
14.The Sound Providers - Braggin Boasting Ft. Little Brother 
15.Himuki - Hold On Ft. Sene 
16.PatD & Lady Paradox - Step Off Ft. LaurenJade 
17.Surreal & The Sound Providers - The Rundown 
18.Nas - The World Is Yours (Blazo remix) 
19.The ParanormL - New Melodys 
20.Supersci - On Production 
21.Funky DL - If I Had A Day To Live 
22.Nujabes - The Final View


BudaMunk - Smoke Deep

track list

1.Smoke Deep 
2.Gone feat. mimismooth & mabanua 
3.Get Blunted 
4.Word Up 
5.Murderous Attack 
6.Chronic Funk 
7.Going Down feat. mimismooth 
8.Killa Kush

Live Radio - A Real Live One

track list

1.No Hooks 
2.Wake Up Call 
4.No Choice 
5.Highs and Lows feat. Chali 2na, LD & Ariano 
7.Game Of Recognition 
8.What If 

Soul Jugglerz - Soul Jugglerz Anthem

track list

1.Soul Jugglerz Anthem 
2.Soul Jugglerz Anthem (instrumental) 

BudaMunk - Resolute Dragon

track list

1.New Stairs 
2.Swisher Blade 
3.First Breath instrumental 
4.Bamboo Blunt 
5.Yakata Boat

SLik d - SunShine

track list

1.Super Powers 
2.Blown As Possible 
4.Gansta Boy 
5.In The Sun (Feat.EPonym & J.Seph) 
6.Hello Summer (& California) 

SLik d - Sum​,​Ah! Tracks

track list

1.Hakuna Matata 
2.Swim (Feat. No Insurance & Sami)
3.Thank You, Come Again 

SLik d - Summer Vibes

track list

1.Picture Perfect (Feat.Decypher) 
2.Summer Heat (Feat.Jarell Perry) 
3.Ode to Old Me (Feat.EPonym) 
4.On My Mind 
5.Sick Of Love (Feat.Mike Wingless,Nefarious! & Siopao J) 
6.West Up! (Feat.Nique) 
7.Wheel Surfin' (Outro) 

SLik d - Midnight Vibes

track list

1.Pass The Tea (Feat.VerBS) (Prod.Cam)
2.SupaNova (Prod.Hi-Res) 
3.For Your Love (Prod.Polyester & Fresh Chuck Of HellaGooD Productions) 
4.Got Me Feelin (Prod.Bagir) 
5.Midnight L (Prod.Bhonstro) 
6.Spanish Rice (Prod.Two3 Of Flo Deep Music Group) 
7.Moonlight (Interlude) (Prod.Euphonic) 
8.In The Sky (Feat.Future Sound) (Prod.Decline)
9.Colours (Prod.Elaquent) 
10.Body Braille (Prod.SLik d) 
11.Still Chillin (Feat.Siopao J & Marion Write) (Prod. Nefarious!) 
12.Let You Know (Prod.SLik d) 
13.Island Star (Co Prod.Danny Perez)

SLik d - High Vibes

track list

2.On The Pharcyde 
3.Happy B Marley 
4.Dont Know What To Do Right Now 
5.All I Need 
6.Clouds (Feat.Trade Voorhees) 

Kichy - Jazz-semi finished

track list

 1.Intro (Come Here)
  2.At That Time:Pt.2
  3.You Guess
  4.Soft Sweet
  5.Meet You Again
  6.Jazz In The Hiphop
  7.I Need The Morning
  9.Itsogoo - Can't Forget (Remix)
  10.Interlude (The Song Saved ME)
  11.Jungel Brother - Brain (Remix)
  12.Not Ture
  13.Decisions In The Rain And Fog
  14.So Far
  15.Visit Or Not
  16.Outro (Leave There)

Niazura - Contemplation

track list

1.Winter Reflection (Nujabes Tribute) 
2.Moon Flower 
3.I Miss You 
4.Another World 
6.Light in the Night 
7.Rose of May
8.River in the Sky 
9.Before the Storm 
10.A Christmas With You 

Niazura - Imaginary Place

track list

1.Beyond the Clouds (intro) 
2.Gateway to Imaginary 
3.Cherry Blossom
4.Let Me Fly Away 
5.Silent River 
6.A Step to Heaven 
7.Four Seasons
8.Here Forever (outro)

Chief - Tribute to Chick Corea

track list

1.Love castel 
2.Again & Again 
3.Sometime ago 
4.500 Miles 
6.The embrace 
7.Crystal silence
8.Button up 

Bak - The Secret Remix Project

track list

2.First Kiss 

5th Crescent - Food In A Bottle

track list

1.The Declaration 
2.Food In A Bottle 
4.Les Fleurs
5.Invincible (feat. Eric Vintage) 
7.Army Suits (feat. Gneticz & Eric Vintage) 
8.Minutemen (feat. RKCS, Kas-Kade, & DJ Psylo) 
9.The Fifth 
10.Love is (feat. AJ)

Bak & Jen Tung - Hope Street

track list

1.Day's End 
2.Hope Street (feat. Gneticz) 
3.Welcome to Beijing (feat. PhenomAnand & jenntai) 
4.Milano & Cortez (feat. Gneticz) 
5.My World 
6.Without You / 没有你 

Ten Million Sounds - Morning Light Compilation

It's a charity album! Pleas donate and support Ten Million Sounds!

track list

1.Avens - Remember Times 
2.incise - Where I Find Peace 
3.Berry Weight - Walking By Your Side
4.IV The Polymath - Setbacks 
5.P.SUS - Blue Mountain 
6.SayHi Beats - Wondering Why 
7.Esta - Ocean 
8.bugseed - Gentle 
9.Eddie Allamand - Desires 
10.Otso - The Beginning of the End 
11.SoulJa - Summer Rain 
12.Gazoo - Cold Shoulder 
13.Larry Blueberry - Somewhere Going 
14.Sinitus Tempo - Last Samurai

If you would not like to donate, you can download the album for free here

MC Young Muchacho - House (prod. by Gloam)

Elyon Beats - Sentimental

Sentimental by Elyonbeats

J.Bre - The Revelation EP

track list

1.I Want It All 
2.Stuntman (Feat. Carl Roe) 
3.No Limit (Feat. Ste-Hood & HAVi Blaze of The Realest)
4.Memories (Feat. Luck-One & Grynch) 
5.The Perfect Recipe
6.Do What We Do (Feat. Justis) 
7.New School 
8.The Revelation (Outro)

Onra - Keep on Loving Me (Edit)


Otso - Start over

track list

2.I'm no hero... 
3....And never was 
4.Start over 
5.Traveller tales 
6.Cute ninjas (don't) cry 
7.Encre soluble 
8.Leftovers of love 
9.Strong, cold wind 
10.The Beginning of the End 

NAK x JPK x Steven Villanueva x C-Cat - First Cousins Mixtape

track list

1.NAK x JPK - We Finally Needed A Song Like This! 
2.Steven Villanueva - Banana Anthem Ft. NAK 
3.C-Cat - My Heart's Cry [Live] 
4.C-Cat x NAK - SB1070 [Live] 
5.NAK x JPK - We'll Find Out When It's Over 
6.JPK x NAK - Chain Reaction [Live] (The Lost Recording) 


Wy-i - Night Sky feat. NAK

α·Pav - Single Tracks

track list

2.That Day ,We Saw The Sunset Near The Sea 
3.Lost Smile 

α·Pav - 春夏秋冬

track list


α·Pav - Colours

track list

2.Endless Day,Hopeless Day 
3.Eden (Garden Remix) 
4.Sleep Around Stars(Piano Improv Ver.) 
5.Unfinished Story 
7.White Clover 
9.Mirai tsuushin 
10.Aozora no natsu to hikouki
13.When Snow Falls Down... 

Hectic Zeniths - Hectic Zeniths(Eletronic Hip Hop)

track list

1.one that got away [intro]
2.then and now 
4.why shoot debris about it? [interlude 1] 
5.i might drown 
6.save me (instrumental) 
7.josie [interlude 2] 
8.know my list 
10.the loneliest city 
11.an empty shell [outro] 


EvillDewer - Soul De Rey

track list

1.Intro (Reel live shit) 
3.The Victory lap 
4.The Tropix 
5.So Whorny 
6.Interlude (Lovely Feeling) 
7.Unsolved Mysteries 
9.Cobblestone streets 
11.12 Interlude (Who I Be) 
12.Got them Keys


Kkaytoh - Remix Instrumentals

track list 

1.Make A Move 
2.Safety In Number One 
3.Any Emcee 
4.Remember We 
5.Microphone Masters 
8.Funky Piano 
9.I Like It 
10.Ya Playin Yaself 
11.It Ain't Hard To Tell 
12.Ode To Nujabes 
13.Move On 
14.What I'm After 
15.I Can Love You 
16.My Favorite Ladies

Breezewax & P.SUS - Solace In Sound

track list

1.Just Breezin... (Intro)
2.P.SUS - Wind In The Trees
4.P.SUS - Blue Mountain
6.P.SUS - Pictures (Outro)