Freddie Joachim - Each Breath

DJ Kross , Niazura , Ed Lau , Elyon Beats , Kaleo - Letter to Heaven

Track list

1. DJ Kross - Eternal Reflection(intro)
2. Niazura - Letter to Heaven
3. Ed Lau - Shining Light
4. Elyon Beats - Final Journey
5. Kaleo - Time Travel
6. DJ Kross - 1love
7. Niazura - Winter Reflection
8. Kaleo - Inspiration
9. Niazura - Life Goes On 
10. Elyon Beats - Good Bye
11. Kaleo - Miss You(outro)

Nujab3x - Words That Never Got To Seba Jun

Track list

1.Integrity Eternal (Clammbon With Yamazaki, Mino & Yamane From Toe) 
2.Luv Sic For The Rhyme Spit
3.Lyrical Peace Land 
4.Fellow Old Flow
5.Sighs and Woes for the Highs and Lows. 
6.The Heart< 3reak Dance ( feat. Ari Lennox ) 
7.Feather Free Emcee (prod. Emissary) 
8.Her Hikari 
9.Written Block Spirals 
11.Through the Mystline ( prod. Jelehu )
12.My True Color 
13.The Final Blow 
14.YranigamI Erolklof (The final folklore prod. AxL3) 

Steph - The Warm​-​Up (feat. Substantial)


Ta-Ku - Trip (Curtis Mayfield Tribute Compilation)

Chief - Madlib Invazion

VA​-​Yearning for Fong FeiFei Tribute BeatTape (懷念鳳飛飛)

來自JuzzyOrange的GoodieK、 Tower闌尾雙煞的Penicil Lin、Blues及Conehead、K!itty J、Hanz最後由Duzs Mastering合作的一張"懷念鳳飛飛 Fong Fei Fei Tribute Beat Tape" 

Track list

1.Fong FeiFei - 1.Intro 
2.Fong FeiFei - 2.純純的愛(skit) 
3.Blues - 3.Pure Love (free) 
4.Fong FeiFei - 4.我是一片雲(skit) 
5.Conehead - 5.I'm a Cloud (free) 
6.Fong FeiFei - 6.未曾留下地址(Skit)
7.GoodieK - 7.Beautiful Place, Beautiful Days (free) 
8.Fong FeiFei - 8.請求(Skit) 
9.Hanz - 9.Request (free)
10.Fong FeiFei - 10.牽情(Skit) 
11.K!tty J - 11.Take Your Love Away (free) 
12.Fong FeiFei - 12.跟你飛(Skit) 
13.Penicil Lin - 13.Fly With You (free) 
14.Fong FeiFei - 14.好好愛我(Skit) 
15.Tower - 15.Daft Luv (free) 
16.Fong FeiFei - 16.Outro 

Duzs - Way into the Night

Duzs from Juzzy Orange!!
support their page!!

Track list

1.Way into the Night Feat. Melodie
2.One-way route Feat. Melodie 
3.Relax Route Feat. Melodie 
4.One-way route Feat. Melodie(Tech Version) 

Mr. J. Medeiros - Pale Blue Dot

Track list

1.Pale Blue Dot feat. Giannina Ashe
2.Old Man Perez
3.These Hands feat. The Nigel Bird Trio
4.These Hands - Animal House Remix
5.Pale Blue Dot 20Syl Remix feat. Shad 
6.These Hands - Animal House Remix


DJ Hernan Cortez, DonShacks, Abstract Optim - Jazzaddict beat tape

Track list

1.DJ Hernan Cortez - like it is
2.Abstract Optim &DJ Hernan Cortez - one o one
3.DJ Hernan Cortez - alvina  
4.DJ Hernan Cortez - jazzaddict 
5.DonShacks - A New Beginning  
6.DJ Hernan Cortez - rainy day 
7.DonShacks - Time Will Tell 
8.DonShacks - Jazz On Ice (Chilled Jazz) 
9.DonShacks - Wisdom Within (Remix) Interlude  
10.DJ Hernan Cortez - the hippest
11.DJ Hernan Cortez - slow jam 
12.Abstract Optim - Sweet Days Madness 
13.Abstract Optim - Early Memories  
14.Abstract Optim - Tears 

Freddie Joachim & Question - Mellow Orange Vinyl Podcast Vol. 2


Thomas Prime - All we got is us feat. Jas Mace, Nieve & Nicholas ( remix contest )

Hey guys!! I think there is all the remix!! check here!!! Enjoy !!

DJ Ezasscul - 92 'Til Infinity (Hip-Hop Mix-Tape)

Track list

1.Funkdafied - Da Brat (1994)
2.Props Over Here - The Beatnuts (1994)
3.Getto Jam - Domino (1993)
4.Hey D.J. - Lighter Shade Of Brown (1994)
5.One, Two - Ground Floor (1994)
6.Street Life (Return Of The Life Mix) - Intelligent Hoodlum (1993)
7.Hip 2 Da Game - Lord Finesse (1995)
8.Pass Da Mic (Pete Rock Remix) (Feat. Mentally Gifted) - Da Youngsta's (1992)
9.Chief Rocka - Lords Of The Underground (1993)
10.M.V.P. (Summer Smooth Mix) - Big L (1995)
12.Without A Doubt - Black Sheep (1994)
12.Give Up The Good (Feat. Big Noyd) - Mobb Deep (1996)
13.Mackin' Ain't Easy (Feat. Mr. Black) - Kris Kross (1996)
14.We Run Things (It's Like Dat) - Da Bush Babees (1994)
15.Uptown Shit - Kurious (1994)
16.Throw Your Hands In The Air - Cypress Hill (1995)
17.The Love Song - Da Bush Babees (1996)
18.Coolie High - Camp Lo (1996)


Boam Beats - Places I've Been​.​.​.

Track list

1.So Major Feat. Mallie 
2.I Don't Understand Feat. Mallie and Cooley Sha 
3.Where Im From Feat. Benzo 
4.Relax Feat. EPonym and Decypher 
5.Rising Sun Feat. Charlie.Rose and The Viktron 
6.Better days feat. Mallie and Steve Liriks 
7.WhereTheHeartIs feat. EPonym 


LEMS - ping pong box

Track list

2.Love is in the air feat. FU-TEN 
3.Gala dress feat. Shing02 
4.Sakura waltz 
5.Milky beat (Interlude 1) 
6.Secret base (Samurai mix) 
7.Elate feat. ASSAN 
8.Globe trotter (no.9 remix) 
9.Hanabeat (Interlude 2)
10.Touch the sky feat. Acharu 
11.Father and Son 
12.One of Greens
13.Hello beat feat. Naoyuki Takano 
14.Logically feat. The ParanormL 
15.It's blooming 

Urban Romantic City - Urban Beats Vol.1

Track list

1.Welcome 2 URC (Intro)
2.Luv Emotion
3.Everlasting Moments
4.U & I
5.Very Very Strawberry
6.Voice Of Mamiya
7.Open Ur Heart 
8.Skoolin' Da Jazz
9.Laundry Urban
10.I Really Luv U♡
12.Come 2 Me
13.Romantic City
14.Kiss The Sky
15.Until The End .
16.See U Again (Outro)

Nicholas Wonder - My Thesis

Track list

1.My Thesis (free) 
2.Moving On 
3.With You feat. Maclyn Lucille 
5.Feeling Good feat. The 49ers 
6.Prescription Kids 
7.Learn To Stand 
8.The Judges 
10.Away With Me 
11.First Class 
13.Alter Ego

Nicholas Wonder - The Heartbreak Avenger

Track list

1.Pretty Girl 
2.The Breakup Song 


Kaleo - The Beginning

Track list

2.Another Beutyfull Day 
4.Final View 
5.Just Another Day 
6.Mind Relaxation 
8.Nothing But A Dream 
9.Once Upon A Time 
10.Silent Night 
11.Still Waiting 
13.Until Next Time


The Qiwu Selftet - Travelling Arrière

Track list

3.Douce amertume 
4.The self-tet (French version) 
5.Kora (French version) 
7.Travelling arrière 
8.The way of the Tao 
9.La raison 
10.La fuite 
11.La leçon du tueur 
12.Ourson blanc 
13.Le syndrome de Paris 
14.Pueblo (French version) 
15.Merci au revoir 
16.You are feat Delli 
17.Ghost track (free) 
18.Loin de Paname instrumental (bonus track 2008) (free) 
19.Introspection (bonus track 2007) (free) 


Sinitus Tempo - Born Legends II

Track list

1.The Saw 
2.Broken Blade 
3.Episode 00 
4.1st League 
5.Cutting Edge 
6.Wild Style 
8.Sword Play 
9.Abstract Beauty 
10.Lake Shore 
12.Life Lessons 

Thomas Prime - All We Got Is Us

Track list
1.All We Got Is Us feat. Jas Mace, Nieve & Nicholas Wonder 
2.All We Got Is Us (Instrumental)
3.All We Got Is Us (Acapella)


Michita - Mosir Memoir

Track list

5.Teal Blue Time
9.Ozora Grass
10.Mosir Memoir
13.Four Leaf Clover

The 49ers + ZDW!? - Endless Rhymes II ft. Nieve ( Remix by WhiteRain )

ZDW!? + The 49ers - Summer Rain feat. Thurro ( Remix by Whiterain )


Witness - Twenty Years From Tomorrow

I once dreamt of brown stone building with a front porch 
Mandevilla vine wound around the rungs 
Summer dress on a bedroom floor 
You pressed close enough to me to feel the breath in my lungs 
Until we walk down Lyndale 
Almost lockstep 
Not too slow 
But, just enough for progress 
Time was wasted debating all of them odds and ends 
Ain't no floating this river, baby, we gotta swim 
You were born in July 
I was born December 19, 1980-Orwell 
The years came and they went 
But the chains of events 
Sparked a change in the wind 
And now we're sharing a doorbell? 
We returned to the haven that we created 
And later we laid in the shade with lemonade in the backyard 
The sun faded and when i looked at the paper 
It's twenty years in the future 
I knew we would make it that far 

i once dreamt of a blonde haired girl beneath the bus stop 
When we were both still young and eyes bright 
Somebody told me that she lived around the corner 
I was knocking on her door like, "Hey do you wanna ride bikes?" 
Those summers always seemed to smother under winter 
My mother would make me bundle up with gloves to cover up my fingers 
But she had none, when we were playing make believe 
And when I tried to hold her hand 
That's when she ran away from me 
Well that was my first bee sting 
Next few years tried to find her each spring 
But these things rarely ever come to closure 
Never got her new address before she left for Minnesota 
I don't suppose you know her and it's just coincidence 
But if it's what I think it is then this is just the start 
The only difference is I never really knew her 
Til twenty years in the future 
But knew we would make it this far 

I once dreamt and the world wondered when I planned to wake


Track list

01. KnowMads - MusicMyLove 
02. CP featuring Wordsworth & Don Cerino - Save A Place For Me 
03. Grynch & Two Good Men featuring Geologic & Thig Natural - I'm A Dreamer 
04. Landon Wordswell featuring Hobbs & Diezel P - Stand Up 
05. Sam Lachow featuring Tom Pepe - Backwards 
06. Trace Blam & SoulChef - Success  
07. Sinitus Tempo featuring Substantial, Obii Say & Kitty Wong - Keepin' On
08. Hydroponikz - Grown 
09. Need Not Worry - Scorpion Tail 
10. Home Brew - It Isn't Us
11. CYNE - An Introspection
12. Nieve featuring Noah King & A-Dub - Life's So Hard
13. The 49ers - In Love With Two Women
14. Tiff The Gift - True Enough
15. Deacon The Villain & Sheisty Khrist - Chevrolet Doors 
16. Wordsworth - Reach 
 17. Shing02 - Luv(sic) part 5 (LEMS Remix)
18. Inverse featuring Substantial - Spark My Soul
19. Hy-Definition - The D Man
20. The Sleepwalkers featuring Tunji, Murs & Noah King - One

Feelin' music , Food for ya soul and Do the Right Print - DO THE DILLA 2012 - A TRIBUTE TO THE DRUM​-​MASTER

Track list

1.Mr.Dibiase - Slum Village - The Look Of Love Pt. 1 (remix) 
2.Deheb - De La Soul - Relax (remix) 
3.Abby Lee Tee - Weird Circus Retwist 
4.BoomBaptist - Toucan Wing 
5.Willy Sunshine - Dj Cam feat. Cameo - Love Junkee (remix) 
6.Oogo - Thinkin' About J 
7.Noza - Ever n' Ever Again 
8.Richard Colvaen - Oh No feat. J-Dilla & Roc C - Move (remix) 
9.Moka Only - A Tribe Called Quest - Get A Hold (remix) 
10.Lefto - Find Someone 
11.Mr Comb - Love Seasons 
12.Jazzo & Melodiesinfonie - DonutsVibesLove 
13.Ta-Ku - Side To Side 
14.Quiet Dawn - My Untitled Dilla Dawn 
15.Elaquent - Slum Village - The Look Of Love Pt. 1 (remix) 
16.Chief - Common & D'Angelo - So Far To Go (remix + Moka Only additional vocal) 
17.Teru - Autumn Magic 
18.Sebb - Phat Kat - Don't Nobody Care About Us (Bash CP70 remix) 


Ahnom - Staring at the Ceiling

Track list

1.Staring at the Ceiling 
2.Keep On 
3.Clyde Drexler ft. Jake Bloomquist & DJ Flip Flop 
4.You Are (The Perfect Beat) 
5.The Rain 
7.Phantogram - As Far As I Can See (Remix) ft. Ahnom "Bonus" 


Shag - Wake Up

Track list
2.Sleeping Gameboys 
4.Dilla Day 
6.Raw Interlude 
7.Mom and Dad
9.(Don't) Fall N Love 
11.What Love - Qwazaar and Batsauce (Shag Remix) (free) 
12.Don't Hold Your Breath - Marcus D ft. Funky DL (Shag Remix)


Tek Nalo G - The Official Dilla Day vol II EP

Track list

1.Mo try 
2.Bossa hoesah 
3.Get Dis money tekmix 
5.Tryna make contact

Terem - A Taste of Blues

Track list

1.Ways To Ecstasy (free) 
2.Rainy Day 
3.Be Ready 
4.Blues Cafe 
5.Summer Nights 
6.Wait & See 
7.Born To Dream (free) 
8.Ballad (free) 
10.Don't Explain (free) 
11.Dedicated To You 
12.Sadness Is A Blessing 
13.I Will Give You Love 
14.R.I.P Jay Dilla (free) 

Billinski - Desperate Smile

Track list
2.Either Way 
3.Half Away 
4.In Your Everything 
5.What Day Is It 
6.In My Sleep 
7.The One 
8.Don't Love Me 
9.Oh Why Oh 
10.Close Your Eyes  

Thomas Prime - Waiting For Tomorrow

Track list

1.No Other Way (Intro) 
2.Intellectual Criminals feat. Awon 
3.Iron Mask feat. Jas Mace & Mar Var 
4.Old Skool feat. CL & Mrs Bux 
5.The Wake Up (Interlude) 
6.Lost Soul 
7.Music Plays On feat. The 49ers & Thurro 
8.Heartbreak feat. Seeka & Jr 
9.Don't Stop Now (Interlude) 
10.Class of '99 feat. Akin Yai 
11.Strictly Underground pt 2 feat. Awon 
12.International Night feat. Jas Mace 
13.Feel The Same feat. Dicap & Fae Woods 
14.Rising Moon (Interlude) 
15.Another Goodbye 
16.Changing Lanes feat. Seeka & Jr 
17.Honest Lies feat. Tiff The Gift 
18.Time To Spare (Interlude) 
19.Forever Eternal 
20.Dynamite Love feat. Awon 
21.Luv4u feat. 2mo'Key (Nujabes tribute) 
22.Still Waiting (Outro)


Funkdoobiest - Dedicated (over Soulostar - Story Of A Boy And A Girl ) remixby beatz

Soulostar - Sanctuary

Track list

1.Lost in Lights 
2.Forest of Secrets 
3.The Crossing 
5.Hopeful Thinking
6.Rainy Day Reminiscence (Remix) 
7.Saint's Bluff
8.Frozen Windows (Interlude) 
10.Eyes Wide Shut 
11.Distant Embrace
13.Thanks for the Memories 
15.Aurora (The Calm II)

Soulostar - Otherworld

Track list

1.Starting Over 
2.The Calm 
3.Clock Hands 
4.Dreams of a Golden State 
5.Walk the Sky
6.Rainy Day Reminiscence 
8.Autumn Falls (Interlude) 
9.Electric Emotion 
11.Otherworld (I.T.R.) 
12.Tell Me 
13.Life is Love 
14.Story of a Boy and a Girl 

Thomas Prime - Spirited Beginning (Nujabes Tribute)

Thomas Prime - Mourning Sun feat. Avens

Nujabes - ​Luv​(​sic​)​Part5 (over Otokaze - SAIGETSU) Otokaze remix


Thomas Prime - Sky High



Track list:

1.COIN & Ta-Ku - Home 
2.COIN & Ta-Ku - Superman 
3.COIN & Ta-Ku - Gone 
4.COIN & Ta-Ku - Lifetime 
5.COIN & Ta-Ku - Y.O.U. 
6.COIN & Ta-Ku - WTWTA 
7.COIN & Ta-Ku - Pain 
8.COIN & Ta-Ku - This Is How 
9.COIN & Ta-Ku - Danger 
10.COIN & Ta-Ku - Superman (extended)

Ali Vegas – Bridging the Gap

Track list:

01. Literature (feat. AC)
02. How You Doin' 
03. Animal Rap 
04. Reach Out
05. When I (feat. Armageddon)
06. Don't Go 

Oniric Session - The Brightly Mix

Tracklist :

01 – ΠΛΑΝΗΤΕΣ OST – Circular Style
02 – AstroLogical – Sundrips (Feat. Yellow Lunar Humar)
03 – Thallus – Here Is The Life
04 – E.D.G.E. – Metallic Merlot (Prod. Sinitus Tempo)
05 – Boog Brown & Apollo Brown – Carpe Diem
06 – Kev Brown & LMNO – The Cause (Sean Touré Remix)
07 – Shinsight Trio – We Got Soul (Feat. Geronimo MC)
08 – Loptimist – Ocean to Ocean (Feat. Unknown Prophets)
09 – Ju-Ar – Tropical Vibrations
10 – ΠΛΑΝΗΤΕΣ OST – Our World