D Strong & Macapella - SACRIFICE

Track listing

1.Sacrifice ft. Wildelux 
2.You Ain't Fly 
3.Whatchu Know? 
4.Shell Toe Prophet (cuts) Chinch 33 
5.Fair One ft. Wildelux 
6.Homicide Bomb ft. Blacastan 
7.Box Cutter Anthem (cuts) Chinch 33 
8.Connected ft. Aarophat 
9.Gem Work ft. Tek tha Supah LAtin (cuts) Chinch 33 
10.Struggles of Life 
11.Worldwide ft. King RA 

JayLotus - 2012

Track listing

2.Don't Sleep 
3.Comm Ave 
4.Golden Voyager 
6.Slum Village 
9.Don't Sleep (Alt. Take) 
10.Comm Ave (Alt. Take) 
14.Loading Screen 
15.Super Tone 
16.Uncle Mike 
17.Smoke Break 
18.Robert Glasper - Move Love (JayLotus Remix) 


Awon, Kameleon Beats & Thomas Prime

Track listing

1.Thomas Prime - Love Supersedes [Intro] (Side A) 
2.Thomas Prime - Believe In Us ft. Awon (Side A) 
3.Thomas Prime - Audio Therapy ft. Awon (Side A) 
4.Thomas Prime - Busy Dreamin' ft. Awon (side A) 
5.Thomas Prime - Heroes & Villains ft. Awon (Side A) 
6.Thomas Prime - Summer Love [Interlude] (Side A) 
7.Thomas Prime - L.O.Z ft. Awon & Dicap (Side A) 
8.Thomas Prime - Red Plastic Cups ft. Awon (Side A) 
9.Thomas Prime - Without A Parachute ft. Awon (Side A) 
10.Thomas Prime - Spit On It ft. Awon, Man J Raw & Mac the Menace (Side A) 
11.Thomas Prime - Winter Love [Interlude] (Side A) 
12.Thomas Prime - Shine ft. Awon (Side A) 
13.Thomas Prime - Push ft. Awon (Side A) 
14.Thomas Prime - The Responsible Hustle ft. Awon (Side A) 
15.Thomas Prime - Back With The Tracks ft. Awon [Bonus Track] (Side A) 
16.Thomas Prime - Never Say Never ft. Awon [Bonus Track] (Side A) 
17.Thomas Prime - Love Supersedes ft. Awon [Bonus Track] (Side A) 
18.Thomas Prime - Heroes & Villains ft. Awon [Chill Mix] (Side A) Please Turn Over & Press Play. 
19.Kameleon Beats - Back With The Tracks II ft. Awon (Side B) 
20.Kameleon Beats - Never Say Never II ft. Awon (Side B) 
21.Kameleon Beats - Love Supersedes II ft. Awon (Side B) 
22.Kameleon Beats - Waiting For The Slaughter II ft. Awon & Mac the Menace (Side B) 
23.Kameleon Beats - The Spotlight II ft. Awon, FIV & Tiff the Gift (Side B) 
24.Kameleon Beats - Still Conscious II ft. Awon & Dicap (Side B) 
25.Kameleon Beats - Audio Therapy II ft. Awon (Side B) 
26.Kameleon Beats - For The Grimy II ft. Awon (Side B) 
27.Kameleon Beats - Crimes of Passion II ft. Awon (Side B) 
28.Kameleon Beats - Without A Parachute II ft. Awon [Bonus Track] (Side B) 
29.Kameleon Beats - Heaven II ft. Awon [Bonus Track] (Side B) 
30.Kameleon Beats - There Will Be More ft. Awon [Bonus Track] (Side B) Please Turn Over & Press Play

M!ndTrip & Nillab Freeze - In Your Own Way

Samuel Truth - Caspian

Amin PaYnE - Curtis Mayfield Tribute

Track listing

3.My Baby 
5.Should Know Better 
6.One For Curtis 
7.Darker Than Blue 
8.Tripping Out[Funkadalic Edit] 
9.Think Again 
10.Dont Worry[2nd Lesson] 
12.Straight To The Top 
13.BONUS TRACK[The Sign] 

Raashan Ahmad - Ceremony

Track listing

1.Mbeguel (Love) 
2.The Remedy 
3.Easy On Back feat. Sean LaMarr & Helen Kaiser 
4.No No No feat. Homeboy Sandman 
5.Music feat. Ty & Sarsha Simone 
6.Freak feat. Heather Vaughan 
7.Out Of Bounds 
8.Get Hi 
9.Mama Nature 
11.Hold On feat. Christina Tamayo 
12.Mariposita feat. Rico Pabon 
13.Ital feat. Soia 
14.How Long feat. Geoffrey Oryema 
15.Whos God feat. Rita J 
16.Fly feat. Crown City Rockers 

Handbook - Dustworks

Track listing

2.It's Just Make Believe 
3.One Foot Out The Door 
4.Feel The Breeze 
5.Last Call 
7.Please Stay 


Petty - Short But Sweet

Track listing

1.Short But Sweet Intro 
2.Realer With Design 
3.Morning Prayer 
4.Wake Yo Bitch Ass Up 
6.Run On 
7.Wish I Had A Cadillac 
8.Short But Cool 
9.Let Your Hair Down (Foxxxy) 
10.Love Good Morning 
11.Blow Sum 
12.Drinking With The Old Heads 
13.Get Over You 
14.2nd Time Around 
15.Murder On My Mind 
16.Other Side Of The Game 

The Star Seeds - I Wanna Know (Single)

Ronin Beats - Ocean Of Trees (instrumental)


Substantial - Home Is Where The Art Is (Instrumentals)

Track listing

1.Spilled Milk (instro - prod SlopFunkDust) 
2.See Hear (Instro - prod Algorythm) 
3.Mr. Consistency (Instro - prod Street Orchestra) 
4.Neighborhood Watch (Instro - prod Algorythm) 
5.Resilient (Instro - prod Eric Lau) 
6.Check My Resume (Instro - prod. Oddisee) 
7.Make Believe (Instro - prod. Oddisee) 
8.Make Up Sex (Instro - prod. Surock) 
9.Shit On My Lawn (Instro - prod. Oddisee) 
10.The Verge (Instro - prod. M-Phazes) 
11.Umoja (Instro - prod. Oddisee) 
12.Grateful (Instro - prod. M-Phazes) 

Grip Grand - GG DOOM! BUT HOW?

Track listing

1.But How? (Jesus Pizzas) 
2.Space Salvage 
4.Bain de Soleil 
5.Genie in a Bottle (Buy the Lunch!) 
6.Jive Turkeys 
7.Mother@#$%^& Villain 


Nu Dekades - NEXUS

Track listing

1.Thesis (Intro) 
3.Black Friday/Soul On Ice 
4.Thief's Theme 
6.Get Busy 
7.Lost In Translation 
9.No Hook 
10.Bonus Track 90's Sh!t 

Destruct & Hi Fly - The Chronic Blues

Track listing

1.Intro (Lighters Up) 
2.Once Again 
3.Sun Shinin' 
4.The Method 
5.The Chronic Blues 
6.All Adds Up 
7.All Night 
8.Let It Be 
9.Move Fast (Blank Pages) 
10.End It Like This 

Dandy Teru - Adventures

Track listing

1.Dandy Teru feat. Sami K - Burned 
2.Dandy Teru feat. Rita J - Wake Up 
3.Dandy Teru feat. Moka Only - Below 
4.Dandy Teru feat. Ty and Sarah Gessler - Fragile Things 
6.Dandy Teru feat. Quiet Dawn - Waters 
7.Dandy Teru feat. Count Bass D and Moresounds - Clouds Catcher 
8.Tall Black Guy feat. Rita J - Wake Up Now (Tall Black Guy Remix) 
9.Monkey Robot feat. Moka Only - Below (Monkey Robot Remix) 
10.Quiet Dawn feat. Ty and Sarah Gessler - Fragile Things (Quiet Dawn Remix)

FloFilz x Pawcut - Duplex

Track listing

1.FloFilz - Intro 
2.FloFilz - Komptis 
3.FloFilz - Scientific 
4.FloFilz - Tsuyo 
5.FloFilz - Crewpiece feat. Slowy & 12Vince 
6.FloFilz - Fadenschein 
7.FloFilz - Jetztaber 
8.FloFilz - dasNaturelle feat. dEnkmaschine, DerBenman & Joe Space 
9.FloFilz - Halcyon 
10.FloFilz - Outro 
11.FloFilz - Baker (bonus) 
12.Pawcut - The Voices 
13.Pawcut - Kickstarter 
14.Pawcut x Killah Trakz - N.O.I.R.E. 
15.Pawcut - St. Ford 
16.Pawcut x Chachi Kamikazi - Priceless 
17.Pawcut - Diagonal Cut 
18.Pawcut x Zen-Zin - Signed Sealed Delivered 
19.Pawcut - Naima 
20.Pawcut - Room 101 
21.Pawcut - Epiphany (bonus) 

The Procussions - The Procussions EP

Track listing

1.The Fringe 
2.Today feat. Shad and J Kyle Gregory 
3.On A Mountain feat. Logan 
5.Iron Vox 


Yukibeb - LarucheMIX#03

J​.​Melik - Vintage Treat

Track listing

1.J.Melik - The Groom Is A B Boy 
2.J.Melik - Foggy Hug (Used To) 
3.J.Melik - Drunk Guitar Fairy Tail 
4.J.Melik - Every Day 
5.J.Melik - The Gift Reception (Scene 68) 
6.J.Melik - U Dig Me So (Edit) 
7.J.Melik - Cyclothymic Chick 
8.J.Melik - Blue Flee (Edit) 
9.J.Melik - Collors (Edit) 

Chante Moore - Straight up - Roughsoul Remix

Bambino - My Ribs Are Poking Through And I Feel Like Hell

Track listing

1.Us Anymore 
2.To Eat My Mothers Cancer 
3.We Sunk Low Together 
4.Cavalier (feat. Adeem) 
5.Father Enigma 
6.Goodbye, Goodbye 
8.Frederick Treves (feat. Sam Weeks) 
9.Omoiyari (思いやり) 
10.Elephant Man 
11.An Hour Away 
12.My Ribs Are Poking Through And I Feel Like Hell 

canooooopy x Lidly - 幾何思議なるサイボーグ [geomysteric psyborg]

Track listing

1.ありあまるほどの酸素虫 [oxygensect] 
3.つま先に蒸気 [vapor on our toe] 
4.過防備警告虎に穴 [OverDefensiveHalf] 
5.家族グルみ [all my families are weird] 
6.影譲りと油売り [negative bargain] 
7.現身循環タイプ [rotational avatar] 

Gadget - Chop Therapy Sessions

Track listing

1.Golden tornado 
3.A Heads Up For Ivan 
4.Amen To That 
5.Cultural Clouds 
6.Escape From Tron 
7.Everybody Loves The Sunshine 
8.Fantastic Granite 
9.Furious Style 
11.Soul Nodable 
12.Next Episode Instrumental 
14.Take Two 
15.Martian Cruiser 
16.Next Episode Remix 

WordySoulspeak - WordySoulspeak

Track listing

1.黑色思想 Dark Thoughts 
2.好哥们 Brothers 
3.一直在高处 High All The Time 
5.没完没了 Never Over 
6.管不着 Can't Hold We Down 
7.哎呀呀 Ai Ya Ya 
8.在巴黎 In Paris 
9.行云流水 Xing Yun Liu Shui 
10.边走边想 Day Tripping 
11.Bong Bong


Wino Willy - The Visions of Qon Duixote

Track listing

1.Sancho Panza 
2.Duxiote's Love Ballad ft. Nia Keturah 
3.The Pastorial Wanderings 
4.Dulcinea del Toboso 
6.It's Just a Dream 
7.Windmills Become Giants 
10.Duxiote's Love Ballad (instrumental) 
11.Alonso Quixano 
12.Duixote's Death Sequence 
13.La Mancha Theme ft Kaedus (*BONUS*) 
14.That Vibe Ish ft sbCNCS (*BONUS*)

Young Queenz - 記憶 Memories (Prod. Yeiv)


Jaylotus - Butterfly

HitYaWitThat Crew - Boom Music

Part # 1 - BeatPete - Strictly Vinyl
1. Boom Music Intro
2. Oh No - Funeral Parlor
3. PeanutButterWolf & Planet Asia - Definition Of Ill
4. Figub Brazlevič - General Paranoia
5. Suff Daddy - Kill Bill
6. K-Def & J Twice - It's Going Down Sucka
7. Chikaramanga & Big Tone - Cool
8. Ellmatic feat. JimmyJazz & Vieze Vingers - Building Up
9. Simiah - Boxing Rounds
10. Maspyke - Truth In Position
11. Freddie Joachim - Shadow If Smiles
Part # 2 - Djeez - Vinyl & Scratch Live
1. Dj Truffel - Heavy D Tribute
2. Camel Crock - BeSides
3. MF Love - Ode
4. Propo 88 & Blabbermouf - Fast Forward Rmx
5. Jigmastas - Let me hear it
6. Sir Menelik - Space Caddillac Rmx
7. People under the Stairs - Tuxedo Rap
8. Apani B Fly Emcee - The Specialist
9. Busdriver - Blowed Anthem
10.Pete Rock - Whats Next on the Menu
11.Dj Revolution - The Backbone
12.DJ Jazzy Jeff Feat Cy Young - Da Rebirth
13.Dj Revolution - Trading Places
Part # 3 - HiFilLab
1. IceRocks – Stay True Feat T.R.A.C.
2. Dear Old Budapest – Noza
3. Olde Soul - Experience
4. Borck Berrigan – One of Us
5. Bones The BeatHead – Piano Fragments
6. Pro P – Were The Artists
7.Pigeondust – Beat and Reality
8. Tame One – Trife Type Times
9. Orion – Leave It To Me
10. Orion – Rakuten Eagles
11. ChromadaData – Track 03


KRBL Rebel Radio - Dust

Jublet - very distruptive

Track listing

3.which carriage 
4.smoove hit 
5.just ate some hazelnuts 
6.tea break / fifa 
8.N.B.P (new born prawn) 
10.loop trap


G Bonson - Seuls EP

Track listing

1.Seuls (Original Version) 
2.Seuls (Remix) 
3.Fred Yaddaden - Seuls (Remix) 
4.Don Da None - Seuls (Remix)

Jaël - Think Of You


Tea Sea Records - Rough Versions Vol. 4 - J​-​Live

Track listing

1.Aw Yeah (Tom Caruana Remix) 
2.Audio Visual (Tom Caruana Remix) 
3.Harder (Tom Caruana Remix) 
4.Whoever (Tom Caruana Remix) 
5.Bosoms feat. Wordsworth (Tom Caruana Remix) 
6.Longevity (Tom Caruana Remix) 
7.Walkman Music (Tom Caruana Remix) 
8.The Lyracist (Tom Caruana Remix) 
9.Coming Home feat. Dwele (Tom Caruana Remix) 
10.The Sidewalks (Tom Caruana Remix) 
11.Weather The Storm (Tom Caruana Remix) 

Mr. Backside X evolv - BACKVOLV

Track listing

1.Just a bad Dream 
2.Building Colors 
6.Laminated Maps (evolv) (Simon Hinter Remix)


Hannibal King - OG Sour Cream and Onion

Track listing

1.1st Commercial Break 
3.Mister Mellow Pt. 1 
4.OG Sour Cream and Onion 
5.Debbie Reynolds 
6.2nd Commercial Break 
7.Mister Mellow Pt. 2 
8.Stash Box 
9.Lost In You 
10.Etc 01:

Download Link(mediafire)

evolv - FROM INC: Collection 1

Track listing

1.September 1937 
2.But the Mountains, I Raise [Toma & evolv] 
4."Dinner For One" feat. Junoflo 
5."Grain" feat. Psych3 [SUPERSMASHBROS.] 
6."Djarum" by Hyde and Shriek 
7."Here We Go. . . Up" feat. Apollo Knives 
8."Crawl Space" feat. Drig 

Ninety One - Golden Years Remixed

Track listing

1.Days Like This - Ft. Trace Blam (ILLusionist Remix) 
2.Days Like This - Ft. Trace Blam (Ninety One Remix) 
3.Days Like This - Ft. Trace Blam (Mr. Troy Remix) 
4.Loser Now - Ft. Rashid Hadee & Internal Quest (SoulChef Remix) 
5.Loser Now - Ft. Rashid Hadee & Internal Quest (Yeiv Remix) 
6.One Up - Ft. Hydroponikz (Navid B Remix) 


Jermiside - A Dream Of Consciousness

Track listing

1.A Change 
2.Tell Me Why 
3.Shine ft. Random aka Mega Ran 
4.Love Thy Fellow Human 
5.Branches of Sin 
6.Warm Personality 
7.Fraudulent Love 
8.Slow Down 
9.True Devotion 
10.So Good 

The Next Chapter - Gary Burton with The Jazz Jousters

Track listing

1.RickMal - For The Jousters 
2.Jaze Baqti - Like Minds 
3.£ENA & B 3 N B i - Lost In My Toughts 
4.Bones The Beat Head - Back & Forth 
5.DJ HellBlazer - Gary Blaze 
6.Gadget - Lessons (Break Time) 
7.Stay Classy - Burton's Mallets 
8.Es-K featuring Mike Gerbino - Play The Jazz 
9.Koncise - Plots 
10.Wriggly Scott - Cash Money (Burton-Wriggly Remix Inst) 
11.Mr. Moods - Listen To What I'm Saying 
12.SmokedBeat - Gary 
13.The Specialists - Jupiter Interlude 
14.Wriggly Scott - Cash Money (Burton-Wriggly Remix) 
15.Gadget & Gypsy Eyes - The Next Chapter (Thank YOU) outro 

Substantial - Jackin' Jill

Track listing

1.Blessed (Unofficial Remix) 
2.Warmed Up (feat. Dominion) 
3.Be Ready (Unofficial Remix) 
4.Intrepid (feat. Serenity) 
5.Hate On Me 
6.BBQ (Family Reunion Remix) 
7.Oh Sea 
8.Jsoul's Jill Story (Interlude) 
9.Would You Be Mine (Love Rain Remix) 
10.Cross My Mind (feat. Jsoul) 
11.Bedda At Home (U Ain't Fly) 
12.Talk 2 Me (feat. The Real Jay Mills) 
13.Whenever You're Around (Unofficial Remix) 
14.Especially Different (feat. Illumenous) 
15.Golden Lady (f. Steph The Sapphic Songstress) 
16.Would You Mine (feat. Jsoul) 
17.Make Up Sex feat. Deacon The Villain (DTV Remix) 


ProleteR - Curses from past times EP

Track listing

1.April showers 
2.Downtown irony 
3.Soul key (Cuts by DJ Crabees) 
4.A million dollar 
5.U can get it 
6.Back home 
7.Muhammad Ali 
8.The misfit song 

Collection of Artists - Kash For Mr. X

Track listing

1.Brock Berrigan - Lead 
2.Byrdversion1 - All You 
3.ManOnWire - For The Love of Soul Loops 
4.DJ Sapien - Polyphone Call 
5.Raisi K - Optimism 
6.DJ Mr. Doc - Ear To the Street 
7.Negrosaki - Spare Some Change 
8.Keemz - Got Beat Block 
9.Afryx_Q - Non è Come Pensi 
10.hefGambit - Awakening Done 
11.MetaniteMusic - Big Brother Is Watching Us (Wake Up People) 
12.W. O. L. M. prod. by RAmusiG - Fortitude 
13.KeyLow The Hybrid - The Punishing Pistol Pete 
14.Groove Hawkins - Heaven's Where The Home Is 
15.Style Shuts - Steps 
16.Percee P - Throwback Rap Attack (Keith Price Remix) 
17.Nextwon - Flash Bang 
18.The Paramedics prod. by Phlegm - Dumping Ashes 
19.T3-Kingz prod. by Raisi K - Highly Anticipated 
20.Raisi K - So Good In My Hood 
21.RunC.T. - Imagine A Place 
22.Anjovi - Train Tracks 
23.Asis Galvin - Class Begins 
24.Trevin P. - North Wind and the Sun 
25.HeaT Flare - Chill No Salt 
26.K-Skye - Please Don't Go 
27.MusicalProf - Soothing Hype 2 
28.Starchaser Beats - NyanKoiLove 
29.Urban Flow - Dat Bass & Fifths 
30.Evolv - All These Cop Shows 
31.Akitak Productions - Stylin' On Em 
32.Afrobeat Productions - Revengeance 
33.KJB Productions - Minnie Riperton Tribute 
34.JHawk & Glyphick The Overthinker - You're Not Alone 
35.Pinstrype Kouzin - Purple Nature \\ Glass Art 
36.C.R.I.S.T.E.N. - Mango Tango 
37.JHawk - Wants & Needs 
38.Groove Hawkins & JHawk - LaLaLa 
39.VidDa176 - FreeMind 
40.Quasimoto - Broadfactor (Keith Price Remix) 
41.Artonius - Moovin' Shaker 
42.W. O. L. M. prod. by DTunez - Sincerely 
43.Miss B - Truth 

BLEE - BLEE Project

Track listing

1.Intro ft Soul Natural 
2.Guilty by Association featuring Jas Mace of The 49ers 
3.Hiphop Globe featuring ABD, Zillah, Soul Natural 
5.Posses Remix featuring Prince Po, Othello, Poems 
6.Give it all you got featuring Soul Natural 
8.Guilty by Association [Instrumental] 
9.Hiphop Globe [Instrumental] 
10.Posses Remix [Instrumental] 
11.Give it all you got [Instrumental] 

Dandy Teru - Wake Up Now feat. Rita J

Brylliant C - Beat 4

Dallas Waldo - Educate, Evolve, Engage

Track listing

1.Starin' at the Lake 
2.Straight From That Small Town 
4.Walk, Talk & Produce It 
5.Free Your Mind 
6.Impure Thoughts 
7.So Far 
8.Up (Remastered) 
9.My House ft. Ariel 

plukk​.​inn - Bad Habits

Track listing

1.The Glow 
2.Neon Heights 
3.Love Bird 
4.Hell Yeah 
6.Sweet Jesus 
7.Since I.. 
9.Turn my life around 


Dave Sparkz & Camillo Fritanga - Chills​,​Trills & Dollarbills

Track listing

1.Sound Of The Bell 
2.Heavy Hitters 
3.Chinese Knees 
4.Game We Play 
5.Fades Em All 
7.Illbrid Skit 
8.Massive Cramps 
10.Enter The Perimeter 
11.War Stories 
12.Get The Dough 
13.Shits Served 
14.Golden Era 
15.Drop Top Cadillac 
16.Bounce With This 
17.Makin Moves 
18.Vinyl Fix 
19.19 97' 
20.Who Got The Funk 
21.Jazz Money 
22.Invisible Ghost 
23.Getting Bank 
24.Small Thangs 
25.We Keep It Real 
26.I See That 
27.Limousine Theme 
28.Fidel Negro 
30.Brawl At El Chuchos 
31.Livin Kinda Fat 
33.Stark Check 
34.Raw Power Moves 
35.Hey You 
36.Pimpin's Big Business 
37.The Day After 
39.Whenever, Whatever 
40.Ashes To Ashes 
41.Shot, Gagd & Stabbed 
43.Thommy Gun Commando 
44.Blow The Wall Out 
46.All We Wants 

Öster - Untitled Tape

Track listing

1.Sax Tape 
3.Thru Ya Piano 
4.Vintage Cocktail 
5.Passion Day 
6.Charlie & Pat 
7.Öster x Stram - Life Way 
8.BxL 4 Sensey 
9.AlexiaA - Dans tes Bras (Öster RmX)

Pragmatic Theory - Euphonic Elements

Track listing

1.Repeat Pattern - Girl Lovin' You 
2.Chief - Another Brazilian Beat 
3.Snubluck - Soft Sheets 
4.Sixfingerz - Changes 
5.Ben Bada Boom - Diamonds 
6.Floyd Cheung - Nobody 
7.Khryo - Coins 
8.Melodiesinfonie - Smooth Wildchild 
9.Esta - Penny For Your Thoughts 
10.Rez - Love Is 
11.ChromadaData - Bout 
12.Kaligraph E - Change 
13.DJ Sapien - Steez 
14.Ikabod Bum - Remedy Ghost 
15.Imagined Herbal Flows - Fresh Summer Breeze 
16.Dead Horse Beats - Edith Cavell 
17.7even Sun - Feeling Good Today 
18.Josef Blo - Here Tonight 
19.ILLingsworth - The Feels 
20.Glyphick - Ruby In The Rough 
21.Broke - I Had The Brew She Had The Heartache 
22.BudaMonk - We See You Shine 
23.Weirddough - Cheesin 
24.Adjaman - Midnight Jive 
25.Keor Meteor - Mahmoud (Cuts DJ Ivan6) 
26.Vanilla - Just 
27.Aspie - Outamihed 
28.Languid - Clouds 
29.ill Sugi - Foolish 
30.Artonius - State of Play 
31.Rhythum - What Do U Do 
32.Stikz - WUHMAYN 
33.Sourface - Super Saiyans 
34.Dєεßiό - Mr Good Day