Praverb the Wyse - The Social Network

Track listing

1.The Social Network (feat. Dj Grazzhoppa) 
2.The Social Network (Acapella) 
3.The Social Network (Instrumental) 
4.The Social Network (Instrumental w/ Cuts) 


Funky DL - Jazzmatic [Nas Remixes]

Track listing

2.You Know My Style 
3.Rewind feat. Lei-an 
4.Life's a Bitch feat. AZ 
5.Get Down 
6.Made You Look 
8.Blaze a 50 feat. Lei-an 
9.It Ain't Hard To Tell 
10.One Love feat. Lei-an 
12.Virgo feat. Ludacris, Doug E. Fresh & Lei-an 

Reki - Night poetry

Janet Jackson - If (Kaytranada Remix)

Sinuous - Throwbacks

Track listing

1.Sinuous - Sintro 
2.I Know Its Been A Minute 
3.Eye Openers 
4.After Midnight Featuring Bella Wilde 
5.For The Record 
6.Ink Trails 
7.LiftMeUp Featuring Bella Wilde 
8.Grind Boogie Blues Featuring Kas Boogie 
9.Thrillz Featuring P-able, Apollo 
11.StoryLines Featuring Aljamar 
12.Them Lies Featuring Epsilon Project 
14.2Hot2Cold Featuring P-able 
15.One For The Money Featuring P-able 
16.Get Ya Shit Right 
17.Past Backwards Featuring P-able 
18.Its A Shame Featuring Freestyle of The Arsonists 
20.On The Go 


Condensed Milk - Dusty Milk Crates Vol​.​3

Track listing

1.Billy Hoyle - One4TheWizard 
2.M-Phazes - I Shine Bright Feat.Damian Smith 
3.Suff Daddy - ONE4PETER 
4.AFTA-1 - Sway Close 
5.Amin PaYnE - Prototype Re-flip 
6.BENBADABOOM - Bipolar 
7.S.F.T - Tokyo Swing 
8.MONK - Kuster Beaton 
9.D'Angelo - Left & Right (MFP's JX-3P Remix) 
11.Moods - Daily Routine 
12.Vanilla - Fancy Clown Re-flip 
13.JuSoul - PeanutButter+Jelly 
14.K*Saba - Like Before 
15.SilentJay - Wanderlust 
16.Cazeaux O.S.L.O - Parrot Mane (Praise) feat. Mama T & the Lo-Fire Choir 
17.Kirkis - thesoftmachine 
18.WINTERS - Answers 
19.RoughSoul - Intimate Connection 
20.Sean Deans - Cookie Duster 
21.Opensouls - Rise Up (Lewis McCallum Remix) 
22.MAGGZ - oh oh oh oh 
23.Chief - Lucky 
24.Sensible J Smith & Dutch - Too Many 
25.Flash Forest - In A Backyard In North Melbourne 
26.Oisima - Suns Of Now 
27.K A L Y Y U G A - Slender Love 
28.J-Zen - FuturKidZ 


Ruste Juxx – Worldwide Roughness (Al’Tarba Remix)

Darkitect - Nomad

Track listing

2.View Over The Apocalypse 
4.Rain Of Ash 
7.The Factory 
8.City In Ruins 
9.Back To The Wild 

R.A. The Rugged Man (ft. Talib Kweli) - Learn Truth

Chuuwee - WildStyle: B Side

Track listing

1.Intro 00:41
2.The Cypher(Prod. By Earl) 
3.Minds That Collide Feat. Stevie Crooks & Gibby (Prod. By Al B Smoov) 
4.Live From '95 Side(Snippet) [Prod. By Viktor Stone] 
5.Student Of The Game[Interlude] 
6.Changed(Prod. By Swoots) 
7.Piece Full(Peaceful Portions) [Prod. By Abstrakt Beats] 
8.Your Soul In E Minor(Prod. By Jackson) 
9.How I Met The Label[Interlude] 
10.Outstanding(Prod. By Earl) 
11.Movie Music(Prod. By Authentik & GoldFingaz) 
12.Navigation(Prod. By Pete Pine) 
13.Gangsta's '&' Killaz Feat. Mean Doe Green (Prod. By Ambiguos Sounds) 
15.Stoopid(Smoke One For Furl) Feat. Mistah Fab [Prod. By Dijon Stylez] 
16.Bend The Block(Prod. By Glass City) 
17.UNDWRLDFEST Freestyle 
18.31 Flavors Feat. J.Good


Birdview Crew - Drop Beats Not Bombs II

Track listing

1.Krys Talk - Break It 
2.Don Monnet & Hutab Feat. Sven - Back Again 
3.R.O - Mad Savant 
4.London Nebel - What Could It Be 
5.Kruisemode - Don`t Close Your Eyes 
6.S.F.T - Float 
7.Maximoe - Angel of the Morning 
8.Relative Q - Wibbly-Wobbly 
9.Gimmik - Dear eD, 
10.Grymshaw - Switter Beat 
11.Infinite Split - Paradigm Shift feat. Krishnamurti 
12.Rylee Rabbit - Mrs. Groove`s Ass 
13.Mr. Bill - Cheyah (Ryddm Remix) 
14.Wax Mantic - Airglow 
15.Bwoy De Bhajan - Splooj Yodors Coconut Island 
16.planetmälcolm - Eris 
17.Chaos Kid - Stutter Star 
18.CloZee - Casabox 
19.Dr. Derg - Emergency Room 
20.Gerraldinho - I don`t give a fuck about the gang of the devil 
21.Kaligraph E x Khryo - Teriyaki 
22.Kaees & NCGY - Shot the Snakes Please 

Another Planet - Far From Home (BeatTapeVol​.​1)

Track listing

1.Rez : 4U. 
2.Clear Blue : Citrus. 
3.Orijanus : MOALO 
4.Shain Caw : Solar Drift. 
5.Haz Solo : Escape From The Bathroom Window. 
6.JayLotus : Space Jazz. 
7.Wax Mantic : Genesis. 
8.Ta-Ku : Falling. 
9.Fl∆mingOsis : Heights. 
10.TekLun : Deo Deo. 
11.Solarr : Substance. 
12.ASolMechanic : Blowing O's. 
13.Prof.Logik : Fresh Blank Tape. 
14.Daisy Cutta : Moondust. 

Dr. MaD - .whitney

Track listing

1.The Voice 
2.Lotsa Talkin' 
3.Sorry (It Hurts) 

CunninLynguists - Oneirology

Track listing

1.Predormitum (Prologue) 
2.Darkness (Dream On) f. Anna Wise of Sonnymoon 
4.Hard As They Come (Act I) f. Freddie Gibbs 
5.Murder (Act II) f. Big Krit 
6.My Habit (I Haven't Changed) 
7.Get Ignorant 
8.Shattered Dreams 
9.Stars Shine Brightest (In The Darkest Of Night) f. Rick Warren 
10.So As Not To Wake You (Interlude) 
11.Enemies With Benefits f. Tonedeff 
12.Looking Back f. Anna Wise of Sonnymoon 
13.Dreams f. Tunji & B.J. The Chicago Kid 
14.Hypnopomp (Epilogue) f. Bianca Spriggs 

Raiza Biza - 7th Floor (Prod By SoulChef)

Murohashi Takuya - A DAY


Beatsofreen - Coloured Dreams

Track listing

1.Behind Us 
2.Troubled Mind 
3.Spring Fields 
4.Fading Shadows 
5.Reaching Out 
6.Nostalgic Voice 

Touching Bass - Buster Williams strings along the Jazz Jousters

Track listing

1.Gadget - Touching Bass Intro 
2.Es-K - QuikBustEDbeet 
3.Bones The Beat Head - Lonesome Road 
4.Slim The Chemist - Home Sweet Home 
5.RickMal - Burstin' Through 
6.B 3 B N i - The Appeal of Sleep 
7.Blue Buttonz - Of Adult Nature 
8.Gadget - A.M Regions ( Prelude ) 
9.Es-K - BuiLT4iTTT 


Atu - Pictures on Silence

Track listing

1.Can Do It 
3.What You Like 
4.Let Me 
5.The Duo ft. Sango 
6.Gotta Be 
7.Way I Feel 
8.You Wanna 
10.Missing You ft. Dpat 

Birdview Crew - Drop Beats Not Bombs II

Track listing

1.Krys Talk - Break It 
2.Don Monnet & Hutab Feat. Sven - Back Again 
3.R.O - Mad Savant 
4.London Nebel - What Could It Be 
5.Kruisemode - Don`t Close Your Eyes 
6.S.F.T - Float 
7.Maximoe - Angel of the Morning 
8.Relative Q - Wibbly-Wobbly 
9.Gimmik - Dear eD, 
10.Grymshaw - Switter Beat 
11.Infinite Split - Paradigm Shift feat. Krishnamurti 
12.Rylee Rabbit - Mrs. Groove`s Ass 
13.Mr. Bill - Cheyah (Ryddm Remix) 
14.Wax Mantic - Airglow 
15.Bwoy De Bhajan - Splooj Yodors Coconut Island 
16.planetmälcolm - Eris 
17.Chaos Kid - Stutter Star 
18.CloZee - Casabox 
19.Dr. Derg - Emergency Room 
20.Gerraldinho - I don`t give a fuck about the gang of the devil 
21.Kaligraph E x Khryo - Teriyaki 
22.Kaees & NCGY - Shot the Snakes Please


Mad Soul Legacy - Mad Soul Summer Edition

Track listing

1.Mad Soul Banger 
2.Jangy Leeon - Don't Know 
3.Warez & Rocco - Sbaglio Tutto 
4.Jangy Leeon & Prinz - One Way 
5.Warez & Rocco - Splash 
6.Prinz feat Jangy Leeon - Volo Libero 
7.Jangy Leeon & Warez feat B Lay - You Better Chill With Me 
8.Jangy leeon & Prinz feat Huge e Dj Vinnyl - Ipanema 

FlowEthics - Turn Me Up

Japhia Life - Small World

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Imperial - God Bless the Child


Awon - I Need Your Love

Cor Stidak & Keor Meteor - Widespread Irregularity

Track listing

1.Spark (Cuts By RenRok) 
2.As Above (Cuts By Delight) 
3.Pearls (Ft. Rasun The Sol Bruddha) 
4.Vermillion (Ft. Alexandra Bautista) 
5.Hiking Hillz (Cuts By RenRok) 
6.Wolf Ticket Confetti 
7.Triangle Choke (Ft. Slim Pickens & Light) 
8.3RD World Galaxy (Cuts By Delight) 
9.Elixirs (Ft. Cordova) 

White Rain - Love, Live, Life

Track listing

1.Spiritual Moments 
3.Exodus - (feat Marchitect) 
4.Bright Light - (feat Ine) 
5.Close To You (feat Jas Mace & Waldo Black) 
6.Close to You 
7.Growin (feat Hazey & Keen of Wonderflow) 
8.Love Affair (intermission) 
9.The Night 
10.Sunshine Sakae (feat 2mo'key and M-OTO of Stilla-Mode) 
11.Jazzy Night (feat Z-O) 
12.Dreamlike (feat Marchitect) 
13.Time Goes By (feat Lluvia De-Jazzy) 
14.Beautiful Sky 

Glad2Mecha - The Passport Lp

Track listing

1.The World Passport - Intro 
2.Ill Time Flavor ft. Realistic,Rhythmatic,Glad prod. Guy Friday [New Zealand] 
3.Take My Mind Away ft. Dusty Glass,Glad prod. Mastermind [United Kingdom] 
4.The Worlds On Repeat ft. Glad,Charade,Foreknown,Talent & Lakai prod. Zeitoun [Switzerland] 
5.Lost & Un- Named ft. Verb,Glad prod. John Rice [Norway] 
6.Lessons Ain't Cheap ft. Dialog ,Glad [Cuts] Samplistics prod. Dialog [Canada] 
7.Back On The Bus- Interlude prod. Glad 
8.Talking Raps ft. Glad [Cuts] Samplistics prod. Parental [France] 
9.True Writers ft. The Hassle,Glad prod. Eats Beats [Sweden] 
10.Peep My Rhyme Book ft. Realistic,Glad [Cuts] Samplistics prod. Donnalbain [South Africa] 
11.Circus Of Chaos ft. Glad prod. Beatljuice [Germany] 
12.Paper Chase ft. Glad prod. Defizit [United States] 
13.No War ft. Glad prod.Troopa [Iceland ]


Koncept - Malt Disney EP

Track listing

DJ Hazey 82 - Home Brew Mash Ups

Track listing

1.Dedicated To (over Side Effekt - Stay True) 
2.Benefit (over Ahmad - Back In The Day) 
3.Yellow Snot Funk (over Blue Scholars - Opening Salvo) 
4.Everybody (over Nujabes - Shades of Nostalgia) 
5.Last Day (over Funky DL - Still Fakin Jax) 
6.Time Don't Wait (over Incise - Intermission) 
7.Basketball Court (over Nomak - Heartful Memories) 
8.Radio (over SoulChef - California) 
9.Dark Intro (over ST/MIC - Crystal Silence) 
10.State of Mind (over Dela - Yuki La Neige) 
11.Plastic Magic (over Kno - La Petite Mort) 
12.Truth is Ugly (over Vanilla - This Time) 
13.Listen To Us (over Elyon Beats - Wienersnitzel Coupon) 
14.Bourbon & Coke (over Thomas Prime - Wishing You Well) 
15.Space (over Karamel Kel - Over The Sky)

Mr.Troy - Part​.​3 - Exo

Track listing

4.Do It Now! 
6.Open The Door 
7.A Message From The Old Me 
8.Le centieme 
9.All Natural 

Soulection - Soulection Compilation

Track listing

1.Ahnnu - Runaway 
2.AFTA-1 - 4nia (92) 
3.Abjo - Wave|Dance 
4.Xperiment - Rhythmic Philosophy 
5.Nikko Gray - Water on the Moon (Space Kid Remix) 
6.Ahwlee - Ajar 
7.Space Monk - Tzurremix 
8.Fitz Ambro$e - Ayane 
9.Transit7 - Cash Croppin' 
10.eLan - Crunchin Tablets 
11.Dibiase - Last Attempt 
12.V Looper - Phocho 
13.Häzel - Lightmares 
14.Elaquent - Noir 
15.Versis - 365 
16.Insightful - As She Sleeps 
17.Duktus - LE Raw 
18.Cazeaux O.S.L.O. - Happily Neva AFTA DEAL 
19.Feux - Spaceducation 
20.B. Lewis - Frozen 
21.Kritikul Beats & Teddy P - Abounding Grace 
22.GETEYE - My Kind 
23.Ohbliv - Nephlegm 
24.Jesse Futerman - Strangefruit Remix 
25.The Dene Road - Eri 

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Roughsoul - Intimate Connection EP

Track listing

2.Flava Dre's Theme 
3.Whats Up 
4.The Light 
5.Intimate Connection 
7.My Feeling 
8.State of Thought 
9.The Menace 

Bob42jh - Sonder (Instrumental)

Track listing

1.Shirfine - Breathless 
2.J-Louis - 320 am 
3.Hellblazer & Paul Hares - Bird Trap 
4.Insightful - Secure 
5.The Cancel - Ocean Soul 
6.Uppermost - Independant 
7.Broken Drop - Alpha 
8.Downstate - MIST
9.Daughter - Youth 
10.Foner - Parents 
11.Differant Sleep - Get Ahead 
12.Thomas Prime - Shadows In The Light 
13.P.SUS - Lunagram - Keys (Remix) 
14.Resotone - What Never Was 

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Nutso - Behind These Bars RemiXXXed

Track listing

1.CIA - The Mighty V.I.C. Remix 
2.Blowing Up - DJ Spot Remix 
3.4 Tha Streetz - Bunty Beats Remix 
4.Weed & Alcohol - Domingo x Tony Roc Remix 
5.Blowing Up - DJ Suu Remix 
6.For Your Love - Macapella Remix 
7.CIA - Bunty Beats Remix 
8.Blowing Up - ElPres Beats Remix 
9.Doomsday - Macapella Remix 
10.Weed & Alcohol - TangoBeats Remix 
11.Blowing Up - Argo Remix 
12.CIA - Macapella Jazz Remix 
13.Blowing Up - Charlie G. Remix 
14.4 Tha Streetz - DJ Spot Remix 


Millennium Jazz - Pack Of Randoms pt​.​2

Track listing

1.Femme Fetale - Seeking Shaler & Gadget 
2.Cloak and Dagger - Skinnista 
3.Waking Up In Brazil - Blue Buttonz 
4.Rough With The Smooth - Diligent Fingers 
5.Darkness and Pain - Velocity & Jonny Jazz 
6.Another Night Alone - Blue Buttonz

Inferna Campanis - Cissoid of Diocles



Track listing

1.Midnight Runners - Stop Over 
2.Wasted Nights - Tonight 
3.Capo Blanco - So Far So Long 
4.Bib - Take My Heart 
5.CROWNS - Desires 
6.Vanilla - Suede 
7.BOX OF WOLVES - Gold Feet 
8.imprintafter - Taxi 
9.DINOSAURUS REX - Discovery 
10.BEAR|FOOT - Get U Outta My Head 
11.sloslylove - Been a Long Time 
12.PHIL gerus - Shadowed Light 
13.KEV//BOT - Do What You Do 
14.MAITRO - Second Chance 
15.Kaligraph E - Lighted 
16.HAZ SOLO - In Helvetica 
17.A Sol Mechanic - #drums of flight pattern 
18.FLANDY - You 
19.ERNST JR. - Alberta 
20.Crem'e - Missin(Herr). 
21.Dominic J. Marshall - Words Fail 
22.FLOYDCHEUNG - Don't Be 
23.Kanoba - Astray 
24.Flamingosis - Cloud 
25.Snubluck - Coco Fiber 


Klassy - Empty Space (Produced By EQ)

Scruffnuk Dust - Moods : An INTERLUDE EP

Track listing

1.Intro (Tomasia Got-Flows) 
3.Amour Cherie 
5.feel for her 
9.Hash & Jazz 
11.Come Back 
13.Yesterday is here 
14.16 BITs of love 
15.Wondering Nights

Lr​-​60 & Mr. Moods - Black and amber

Track listing

1.On a rainy day 
2.Soul of love 
3.Smiling face (feat Erik Jackson) 
4.I Play the Music 
5.Just like us 
8.To the deep jazz 
9.Soul thunder 
10.Yeux ensanglantés 


Matt Force - Bitten Apple

Tek Nalo G - Løb Stop Stå Tekmix

ANTHM - Handful of Dust

Track listing

3.Low Class 
4.Self Esteem 
5.imagine nation (interlude) 
7.Outro (Still Dreaming)


Track listing

1.Rice Master Yen - Edeltraud 
2.Rice Master Yen - Hollay 
3.Rice Master Yen - Wyvern 
4.Rice Master Yen - Stanley 
5.Ohbliv - diatribe 
6.Ohbliv - drill 
7.Ohbliv - mah joint 
8.Ohbliv - whatchumean 


Pragmatic Theory - Phonaesthetics

Track listing

1.Melanin 9 - Straight Live (Prod. By Anatomy) 
2.Fish Grease - Move Me (Prod. By Es-K) 
3.Phlo Deli - It's Yours (Prod. By Funky Notes) 
4.Dudley Perkins - Sally (Prod. By Georgia Anne Muldrow) 
5.Ibn Hasan & Glyphick - Creep Wit Me (Prod. By Glyphick) 
6.Wyatt & 5th Sequence - Over & Over (Prod. By 5th Sequence) 
7.Jondis - Offerings (Prod. By Keor Meteor) 
8.Defcee & Wizard Jenkins The Great - Live From Olympus (Prod. By Sev Seveer) 
9.Dregs One - Got to Realize (Prod. By J-Felix) 
10.Don Cerino - Grown Man Sh*t (Prod. By Chromadadata) 
11.The Benchwarmers Clique Feat. Iron Ora & JD Cuellar - Fiji Water (Prod. By Jewbei) 
12.The Paramedics - Devils Lost Again (Prod. By Nextwon) 
13.Gigio - The Big Hip Hop Mystery (Prod. By DJ Sapien) 
14.W.O.L.M (NRS) - New Mon New Way (Prod. By Afryx_Q) 
15.Cor Stidak - Featherweight (Prod. By Byrdversion1) 
16.Redi Brown - Out In Da World (Prod. By JP Balboa) 
17.Disturbance - Blueberry Pancakes (Prod. By Mr. Troy) 
18.Prozak Morris - Live Funky (Prod. By Prozak Morris) 

ANTHM - Debbie

Substantial - Golden Lady (f. Steph The Sapphic Songstress)


MELAZ - Jazzy Trip 3


Track: Sunglow [from “Rain and Dust”]
Artist: Constrobuz
Label: Self-released 2012
Website: http://constrobuz.bandcamp.com

Track: Forgetful [from “Soft Focus”]
Artist: Vanilla
Label: Self-released 2012
Website: http://vanillabeats.bandcamp.com

Track: The Take-off [from “Soul Beat Tape”]
Artist: Big Ben Beats
Label: Self-released 2012
Website: http://bigbenbeats.bandcamp.com

Track: Breakfast [from “Childhood”]
Artist: KLIM Beats
Label: Self-released 2012
Website: http://klimbeats.bandcamp.com

Track: Just Chill [from “Dusted Jazz Volume Two”]
Artist: Jenova 7
Label: Self-released 2012
Website: http://jenova7.bandcamp.com

Track: Track 04 [from “Raw Uncut Dusty Loops V.3 [XL] (Cassette)”]
Artist: ChromadaData
Label: Self-released 2013
Website: http://chromebeats.bandcamp.com

Track: Naima [from “93 til…”]
Artist: Wil Madden (hip hop essense)
Label: Wil Madden (hip hop essense) 2012
Website: http://hiphopessense.bandcamp.com

Track: Raw Dratfed [from “Raw Futuristics”]
Artist: Monk’
Label: Self-released 2012
Website: http://monkbeats.bandcamp.com

Track: Regina D’Italia [from “The Jazz Jousters in harmony with Chick Corea”]
Label: Self-released 2012
Website: http://drtydrdz.bandcamp.com

Track: Lush [from “Late Night Headphones Vol.3”]
Artist: Esbe
Label: Self-released 2012
Website: http://switchy.bandcamp.com

Track: Day and Night [from “Soul Vibration”]
Artist: OffBeatKid
Label: Self-released 2012
Website: http://offbeatkid.bandcamp.com

Track: Jazz+Jazz=Jazz? [single]
Artist: Robot Orchestra
Label: Self-released 2013
Website: http://robot-orchestra.com

Track: Smallday [from “Desolate”]
Artist: Ambiguous Sounds
Label: Self-released 2012
Website: http://desolateambiguous.bandcamp.com

Track: Not Quite There [from “Daylight”]
Artist: NAGchampa
Label: Self-released 2012
Website: http://datbecutty.bandcamp.com

Track: Love Away [from “Beat Flip Tuesdays Vol.6”]
Artist: Hexsagon
Label: Self-released 2012
Website: http://hexsagon.bandcamp.com

Track: Mit Farben [from “In Your Mood EP”]
Artist: Melodiesinfonie
Label: Gergaz Netlabel 2012
Website: http://gergaz.bandcamp.com

Track: We May Never… [single]
Artist: Singularis
Label: Self-released 2012
Website: http://soundcloud.com/singularis

Track: Dirty Rhythm [from “Zae Beats”]
Artist: Nesq
Label: Self-released 2012
Website: http://rayons.bandcamp.com

Track: ☁☁☁ (113008) [from “SourColoredSunFlower(s)”]
Artist: SourSoul
Label: Self-released 2012
Website: http://soursoul.bandcamp.com

Track: Present Awareness [from “Mind Tracks EP”]
Artist: Moose Dawa
Label: Self-released 2012
Website: http://soundcloud.com/moose-dawa

Track: You Know the Deal [from “Less Is More”]
Artist: Evolve One
Label: Self-released 2013
Website: http://evolveone.bandcamp.com

Track: Timelapse [from “Continuous”]
Artist: Viktorstone
Label: Self-released 2013
Website: http://vktrstn.bandcamp.com

Track: Surely [from “Essence EP”]
Artist: Kompound
Label: Self-released 2012
Website: http://kompound.bandcamp.com

Track: Les Démons Sont Éternels [from “Nébuleuse(s) Instrumental(s)”]
Artist: Don Da None
Label: Self-released 2011
Website: http://dondanone.bandcamp.com

Track: 30 Dreams A Day [from “Properly Packed”]
Artist: Somepling
Label: Self-released 2012
Website: http://somepling.bandcamp.com

Track: Noturn [from “Small Issues”]
Artist: Gorila
Label: Self-released 2013
Website: http://gorilamc.bandcamp.com

Track: Ella [from “Extrumentals”]
Artist: Exibeo
Label: Self-released 2012
Website: http://exibeo.bandcamp.com

Track: The self-tet (French version) [from “Travelling Arrière”]
Artist: Qiwu “The Qiwu Selftet”
Label: Self-released 2011
Website: http://qiwutheqiwuselftet.bandcamp.com

Track: Yes My Brotha [from “OctoBeat Vol.8 - looking for the perfect break”]
Artist: Leksa
Label: Self-released 2011
Website: http://leksa.bandcamp.com

Track: Love [from “Kayabe”]
Artist: Bun / Fumitake Tamura
Label: Self-released 2012
Website: http://buntamura.bandcamp.com

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