Native Souls - Fully Fundamental

Track listing

1.Make Your Move 
2.Relax Yourself, Girl 
3.Feel Good Weather 
6.One Love 
7.Runnin' [feat. Chantelle] 

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Funky DL - Too Hard To Beat

Track listing

1.Hands Up Remix [Instrumental]
2.The Boy With No Name Remix [Instrumental] 
3.Away Too Long [Instrumental] 
4.When She Floats [Instrumental] 
5.Harder We Try [Instrumental] 
6.Long Before I Knew [Instrumental] 
7.Curb Kicking [Instrumental] 
8.Still Getting To Know You [Instrumental] 
9.When the Chip Comes Down to the Crumb [Instrumental] 
10.The Sun Won't Tell [Instrumental] 
11.Simply So Successful [Instrumental] 
12.Three Little Swigs [Instrumental] 
13.Simple [Instrumental] 
14.Find a Message [Instrumental] 
15.The Responsible One [Instrumental] 
16.Give Me a Second [Instrumental] 
17.Writing the Wrongs [Instrumental] 
18.I Took It Back [Instrumental] 
19.Running From Everything [Instrumental] 

Niha - Crescent

Sam Ock - New Sights ft. Gowe, J. Han, & Manifest


Incite Electro Jazz Collective - SoundRise

track listing

1.Detroit Samba 

Jazz Logic - FREE Happy Hip Hop Beat

A June - Love is Like​(​Feat​.​Yarrow Slaps)


Astone - Blu Oasis

Track listing

1.The War / Good Bye Home 
2.Odyssey 2.0 
3.Cosmic Voyage 
4.Pursuit Race 
5.Hard Way To Freedom 
6.Loosing Mind 
7.Blu Oasis 
10.Feel Like a Stranger 
11.Here Is Your Home My Friends 
12.New Beginning 


FlowEthics - I'm Going

Mind Trip - BEATTEASE #03

Waajeed - Big City

Gavintoo - .​.​.​And The Spring Is Gone​:​Gavintoo's Remix Selections

Track listing

1.Summer Breeze(Gavintoo Remix) 
2.Loving You 
3.Luv Mash(feat.Nujabes,Shing02) 
4.I Miss You(Remix/feat.Akiko) 
5.Over The Rainbow(Remix) 

V.A Places Of Feelings 0.1

Track listing

1.Lilmanjs - We Still Remember 
2.Fragmentspread - OKthisemptYnside 
3.Yosoyunotrotu - komplementarnosc 
4.Lowkee - My Mrd 
5.Kastuyuki Taguchi - White Out 
6.Sonitus Eco - We Have Already Met 
7.Madutec - Dubbing In A Bottle 
8.The Smiling Strangers - Rays Of Sunshine 
9.Future 16 - Gas And Dust 


Track listing

1. Lift Off
2. Wake Up ft. Slur
3. Never Know ft T.Y. & Ray Black
4. Stopover
5. I'll Be There In The Morning ft. Nieve & Noah King
6. Where I Find Peace
7. Last Stop

Substantial - Reloaded (feat. Homeboy Sandman & Javier Starks)

Mr. J. Medeiros - I Hate My Job feat. Stro Elliot


BE4TZ - Chiaroscuro

Track listing

01. Rockin Hip-Hop - Large Professor × Lipei 
02. The Way You Do It - Little Brother × P.SUS
03 Active Balanced - Othello + Now On & Mayer Hawthorne × Breezewax 
04. My Life - C.L. Smooth × Evan Awake
05. Brain Cell - Cunninlynguists × Dom Mino'
06. Ain't No Mystery - L Universe × Itsogoo佳明
07. True or False - Insight × OPGave
08. Summer Rain - The 49ers + Thurro × Kenichiro Nishihara
09. Perfect Timing - C.L. Smooth + Skyzoo × July
10. Dedicated - Funkdoobiest × Soulostar
11. Restless - Braille × Blazo 
12. Be Prepared - Akrobatik + Little Brother × Thomas Prime
13. D.T.F.N - Cise Star × Kza
14. Warm Outside - C.L. Smooth × Tsutchie
15. Don't Hold Ya Breath - Funky DL × Urban Romantic City
16. All We Got Is Us - Jas Mace + Nieve + Nicholas Wonder × Cubism
17. Endless Rhymes II - The 49ers + Nieve × Tablo + Pe2ny (Eternal Morning)
18. Greater Purpose - Bai Hong × Cise Star × Shanghai Restoration Project 
19. I Can't Help It - C.L. Smooth × 14?
20. Ode to Nujabes - Funky DL × Jumpster
21. Sewin Love - Large Professor × DJ Sonny
22. What Goes Around - Move.Meant × Ruto
23. Counter Attack (Re-Edit) - Braille + Theory Hazit × Blazo
24. Real Hip-Hop - Das EFX × Kichy张骐骥
25. When The Luster Fades - Substantial × Forest Hill
26. All We Got Is Us - Jas Mace + Nieve + Nicholas Wonder × Michita
27. Dedicated - Funkdoobiest × Piana + Nitsua

Taku Inoue - Night Fall (BAHЯRemix)


Native Souls - Relax Yourself, Girl

Funky DL - Sometimes I Have to Wonder​.​.​. [Funky DL samples Stevie Wonder]

Track listing

1.Cos She's a... 
2.Just Don't Give a Care 
3.Thank You Love 
4.Don't Go Away 
5.[BONUS TRACK] - Only Just a Matter of Time featuring Louise Bagan of Addictive 
6.[BONUS TRACK] - Another Girl (Gods Other Daughter) featuring Dyanna Fearon



Track listing

01. Atmosphere - My Key (over Spruzzata - Nothing Is Beautiful)
02. CunninLynguists - Nothing To Give (over Marcus D & Emancipator - Kindred Spirit)
03. Roc Marciano feat. Hus - Warm Hennessy (over SoulChef - Excuses)
04. Murs - Everything (over Tsunenori - Asunaro)
05. Home Brew - Basketball Court (over Nomak - Heartful Memories)
06. Black Star feat. Black Thought - Respiration [Flying High Remix] (over Ta-Ku - dusty11)
07. Home Brew - Dedicated To (over Side Effekt - Stay True)
08. CunninLynguists feat. Immortal Technique - Never Know Why (over P dot R - Faraway)
09. Dela feat. J-Live - I say Peace (over Mitchita - Silvery)
10. Kev Brown feat. Kenn Starr & Quartermaine - Say Sumthin (over Mitchita - Emina)
11. Akrobatik feat. Talib Kweli - Put Ya Stamp On It (over Bugseed - Enough To Spare)
12. Masta Ace - Known To Be The Master (over Think Twice & David Ryshpan - Dead Presidents)
13. Atmosphere - If You Can Save Me Now (over Freddie Joachim - Moments)
14. Praverb the Wyse - I Pray (over LJones - Jazz Technician)
15. Shing02 - Luv (sic) part 4 (over Incise - Winter Winds)
16. One Be Lo - WILdeBEEST (over Blazo - Illusive Azure)
17. Big Kwam - Execution Expert (over Funky DL - Galaxy)
18. Hieroglyphics - Last One (over Blazo - Distant Graphite)
19. Pack FM - Happy Days (over SoulChef - Worlds End)

Avens - "Dreams" Feat. CL & Ine

Here is the new track released by Avens.He is a producer from Poland. Collaborate with CL(USA) and Ine(Australia). Avens and Ine both from BlueBottle Records. Check their track and enjoy! Special thanks to iE4tBe4tz808 for upload this track!

Bona Fat - synchronicity (Demo)


Chris Skillz - Before Dawn

Track listing

1.Sunset (Intro)
2.Run With Me
3.No History 
5.The Monster (Interlude)
6.Suicidal Note ft. Kyle Owens
7.Young Man Pt. 3 ft. Al-Fatir
8.The Moment
9.On The Run
10.Life Goes On ft. Big Pat & Jigz
12.Sunrise (Outro)

Tha Soul Circle - Tha Wilderness

Raycord - Wurlitzer à Nu

Supreme Sol x Handbook - Higher Manifestation

Track listing

1.Above All Expections 
3.Perfect Combination 
4.Measured Intelligence 
6.Ungodly Etiquette 

Alan de Laniere - Otro Mundo ( ft Miss Wonder)


Bob42jh - Solace

Track list:
0:00 - Esbe & Jenova 7 - Haiku (Nujabes Tribute)
04:32 - Eternal Morning - Plastic Umbrella
07:56 - Karamel Kel - Mindstate
10:18 - Sinjihn - Almagest
13:35 - Nebulas Beyond - Celestial Movement
15:52 - DPΛT - The Turning Point
17:40 - Aydio - Deltitnu
20:50 - Grant Lawson - Gon
25:50 - Thrupence - Folds

Smoked Beat - Smoked Mood Volume 1

Track listing

1.Melody Harmony n' Rythm 
2.She's got everything 
3.All After All feat. Lizzy Parks 
4.Smoking Break 
5.Ma'am Simone 
6.Let's walk 
7.Body and Soul 
8.Dee La Smoke feat Dee La Kream 
9.Coffe Break 
10.Chill Out 
11.Pois e 
12.Northern Light 
13.Live Today 
14.Another Break 
15.White Widow 
16.Angel Eyes feat. Calline 
17.World of Change 

Ryan Helsing - Dreams of Color EP

Track listing

2.Caught In A Dream 
3.Our Gift Is Our Wish 
4.About A Girl 

Sir Veillance - Into The Wild

Track listing

3.Dead or Alive ft. The M.O Hour 
4.Footsteps (Interlude) 
5.Shmoke ft. Dom B
6.What's New? 
7.Paid In Full 
8.Patience ft. Moxy Monster 

Elyon Beats - Into the Past

Track listing

3.Dead or Alive 
4.Footsteps (Different Perspective) 
6.What's New? 
7.Paid In Full